April 25, 2019

2019 Western Bagua Annual Feng Shui Updates

How to apply the annual 2019 feng shui updates with the Western bagua of your home or office I always suggest not to combine the two feng shui schools and not to apply the annual feng shui updates with the Western bagua unless you have enough strength of commitment, have been practicing feng shui for a… The post 2019 Western Bagua Annual Feng Shui Updates appeared first on Feng Shui Tips, Products and Services. Source link ...Read More
April 25, 2019

100 Days of Spring Forest Qigong – an Energy Tip from Master Chunyi Lin

A tip from Spring Forest Qigong Master Chunyi Lin for getting the greatest benefits from your qigong practice – consistency. Practice every day, at the same time, for 2 minutes, 10 minutes, 30 minutes, the longer the better but practice every day to get your energy flowing into balance and harmony. Practice for 100 days in a row and your body will natrually start to balance at that time each day even if you have to miss a day. To help you with your consistency you can download a PDF of a “100 Days of Qigong” chart from the Spring […]
April 25, 2019

Holistic Spaces Podcast, Episode 061 – A Feng Shui Bagua Garden with Rose Garbien

April 25, 2019

5 Most Common Myths About Yoga

Yoga is a spiritual practice that has been improving mankind’s overall health for more than 15,000 years. In … The post 5 Most Common Myths About Yoga appeared first on Organic Facts. Source link ...Read More
April 24, 2019

Karma Yoga: Acting Out of Love

The principle of karma has been embodied in many ways. The movie Back To The Future II had a deep impact on me as a child. Firstly, I grew up believing that the release of Hover-boards was just around the corner, and secondly that our smallest actions have repercussions that are invisible. The movie demonstrates the Butterfly Effect, the theory that the flap of the wings of a butterfly can cause the formation of a hurricane. Visit source link ...Read More
April 24, 2019

8-year-old uses Spring Forest Qigong to help friends — Fox9 News report Minneapolis

8-year-old Leif Reffsgaard began learning Spring Forest Qigong techniques when he was 4. His mother was studying SFQ and Leif followed along with her. When he heard Master Chunyi Lin, the creator of Spring Forest Qigong, say that everyone was born a healer, that everyone was born with the ability to help themselves and to help others to heal, Leif took him at his word. Leif began using the SFQ techniques to help his friends and family members. In March, 2011, Fox9 News Minneapolis reporter Scott Wasserman did a story about Leif helping his young friends. The report included an […]
April 24, 2019

How to keep crystal tortoise in home.

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April 24, 2019

What is the Best Placement of Plants for Good Feng Shui?

Here’s how to position your plants for good feng shui If you want to enjoy the vibrant energy of plants in your home, as well as be sure that they are contributing to good feng shui of your home, it is helpful to know about the best feng shui positioning of plants. You can decide… The post What is the Best Placement of Plants for Good Feng Shui? appeared first on Feng Shui Tips, Products and Services. Source link ...Read More
April 24, 2019
Feng Shui - Joyful Living

PODCAST EPISODE 25: Your Feng Shui Lucky Numbers


Numbers are an integral part of feng shui. Find out how to use your date of birth, personal feng shui numbers, and other numbers that are lucky in your day to day living.





April 23, 2019

PODCAST EPISODE 24: The Feng Shui Qualities and Protective Power of the Color Red

EPISODE 24:  The Feng Shui Qualities and Protective Power of the Color Red From antiquity to today, few colors have the power and influence that the color red has. In feng shui, red is the color of protection, good fortune, prosperity and success. LISTEN TO MORE EPISODES READ MORE ON THIS TOPIC   Source link ...Read More
April 23, 2019

Spring Forest Qigong Qi~ssage – Stimulating Key Energy Points

Qi~ssage is a technique which follows a specific sequence of touch points to effectively stimulate the energy flow in the body. Using ancient Chinese wisdom and techniques, Qi~ssage works with the power of the mind, and unconditional love from your heart, to stimulate powerful key energy channels for optimum health and well being. There are 12 major energy channels in the body and hundreds of energy points associated with them. In acupuncture they use fine needles to stimulate the flow of energy through these points. But, only a couple dozen of these energy points are critically important to optimal health, […]
April 23, 2019

Feng Shui 2014 – Improve Your Love & Relationship

Click here: Feng Shui 2014 the best lucky guide! Learn how to improve love and relationship using simple Feng Shui cures. Feng Shui can help you find a true love! Or improve your interpersonal relationships. All it takes is to utilize the Flying Star 1 which governs how you interact with people. In this video I will show you a simple Feng Shui cure for getting better luck in relationship in 2014 Year of Horse. Also included link to download Feng Shui 2014 FREE guidebook, learn how to do the best Feng Shui at home or office at NO COST! […]
April 23, 2019

Healing Properties of the Four Elements

As many of you know, in feng shui, we work with the Chinese five element theory. These elements include earth, fire, water, wood and metal. However, in other modalities, like Native American culture, Vedic or even Tibetan practices, there are many variations of the element system, sometimes including five elements and other times only four. In each of these approaches, the ultimate goal is to find balance with nature and the world around us, just like with feng shui! I often receive questions about the four elements, so this week we’ll connect these theories and view how to use feng […]
April 22, 2019

Removing All the Energetic Limitations From Your Life!

We are unlimited. It’s the most awesome thing to know that every awesome thing you can imagine is possible . With all that awesomeness… you might wonder as I did, daily and all through the day, “where is all this unlimited stuff?!” One of the reasons that possibilities can seem limited to what’s “realistic” in a reality that decreases what’s possibly by the day is that we can get attached, on an energetic level, to things and events and people in ways that reinforce limits. To be free… set yourself free! Free yourself of toxic ties. I know this may […]