January 19, 2020

PODCAST EPISODE 64: Feng Shui Your Vision Board

[ ] PODCAST EPISODE 64: Feng Shui Your Vision Board A vision board is a natural fit with feng shui, which works on symbols and images to create energy. When you align your personal vision board with feng shui, you empower the words and images you use and align them with directional energy that compounds. Adding feng shui to your vision board is a powerful way to boost your goals and see your results come forth more powerfully!       LISTEN TO MORE EPISODES     Source link ...Read More
January 17, 2020

Nine Star Ki for the Metal Rat Year 2020

[ ] Happy Lunar New Year! Soon, we celebrate the Year of the Metal Rat! We have put together a top line review of the overall energy of the year and how it may impact each of the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac. There is an important energetic interaction between your birth year (your animal) and the current year (Metal Rat). Read here! Be sure to check out our 2020 new year courses (available for a limited time): New Year Reset Package Golden Cicada and Welcoming the Wealth Gods A new lunar year also means new Nine Star Ki […]
January 15, 2020

Feng Shui To Live With A More Magical Mindset!

[ ] Yes to all of the new that’s on the way! If you’ve been trying to make a big change for a long time, I know this may strike a chord and prompt a very justified sigh. “Another, “You can do it!” post about nothing that works.” “Another person who doesn’t understand that no matter what I do I can’t change some things.” “Another thing that will fail to make a difference.” While I don’t want to over-hype a blog post as the answer to all things that seem to persist as problems, I will say that I’ll share […]
January 13, 2020

PODCAST EPISODE 61: 5 Yellow Disaster Star

[ ] PODCAST EPISODE 61:  Five Yellow Disaster Star When it comes to classical feng shui, the most important energy to follow is the annual energy. These are the most potent and current, and of all the energies and afflictions, the 5 Yellow is by far the one that has the potential to cause the greatest physical and financial damage. The 5 yellow is often called the bone breaker because of its ability to inflict major injury, like broken bones. Learn the important lessons about this annual affliction and how to prevent it from harming your relationships, income, and health. […]
January 11, 2020

Chinese Zodiac for 2020: Year of the Metal Rat

[ ] illustration Maria Ramsey Happy Lunar New Year! Happy New Decade! Happy 2020! The Lunar New Year is early this year, January 25th. And so we welcome the year of the Metal Rat. The rat is actually the first of the zodiac animals, so we begin a new cycle this year. I’m a Dragon, so the Year of the Dog was neutral for me. Dragon and Rat (along with Monkey) form a triad, so there’s a harmonious affinity that I can look forward to in 2020. Every year, Mindful Design Feng Shui school offers a Golden Cicada class to […]
January 9, 2020

8 Small Shifts That Are Life-Changing For More Productivity!

[ ] Making change of all kinds– even the giant transformations that every New Year, birthday and astrological shift seem to be the harbinger of– is largely comprised of taking small steps that rack up to huge things. Even though I can collaboratively plan out a Feng Shui’d home in a few hours, each project is it’s own to implement. And, each one comes with its own benefits, lessons and rewards. While it’s exciting to visualize and plan the entire thing right now (and I’ll circle back to this soon!) the main event of every day is usually one or […]
January 7, 2020

The Front Door to Back Door Poison Arrow

[ ] by Kathryn Weber One of the most problematic and troubling feng shui difficulties is when the front door is aligned with a door or a window at the rear of your home. When you open the front door of a home and you can see a door opposite or a large window, this creates a poison arrow. The poison arrow symbolizes rushing chi and energy that flies from the front door to the opposite door, or worse, out the window. These can be made more serious when you can see from the front door out to the back […]
January 5, 2020

Feng Shui Tips for a Strong Front Door

[ ] featured on The Spruce image credit: Mint Images/Getty Images via The Spruce Activate the Mouth of Qi In feng shui, one of the first places to look at in your home is the front door. You want to have a strong front door so that you can welcome positive energy. When qi can flow easily into your home, this energy brings along with it abundance and ease.  The front door refers to the official, formal front door of the home. It’s also referred to as the mouth of qi, the portal of energy. Some homes may have secondary doors that […]
January 3, 2020

2020 Feng Shui For A Year Of Major Abundance, Creativity And Joy!

[ ] (wisteria) Like walking through endless tunnels lined with thousands of flowers, this year is lush and overflowing with abundance. Every year is, actually! But the cosmic themes of 2020 from astrology, numerology and even the lunar calendar are all on board with this being a year of major abundance, and the Feng Shui this year is all about that! And, for just one more day this year you can join us HERE in The Catalyst Camp Feng Shui Home + Life De-Cluttering immersion to map out your New Year, totally declutter your home and Feng Shui your dreams […]
January 1, 2020

Do You Believe that Feng Shui Can Make You Lucky?

[ ] Feng shui seems to have as many enthusiasts and followers as it has skeptics. Arguing about why feng shui helps some people and not others is similar to arguing about why some people heal faster than others or why some people don’t heal at all. There are many levels that are taken into consideration during the feng shui… The post Do You Believe that Feng Shui Can Make You Lucky? appeared first on Feng Shui Tips, Products and Services. Source link ...Read More
December 30, 2019


[ ] PODCAST EPISODE 62: Fun Feng Shui One of the best ways to add feng shui to your home is to pump up the volume on FUN. Having fun times, parties and enjoyable activities permeates your home with vibrant yang energy that lifts the energy of your home and life. It’s always a great idea to host parties at your home and to find ways to enjoy yourself at home. From parties to games, and laughter, it all creates excellent feng shui. Learn more about how fun affects your home’s energies and why fun is great feng shui.    […]
December 28, 2019

The Meaning of Moonstone and How to Use It With Feng Shui

[ ] featured on The Spruce image credit: KrimKate/Getty Images via The Spruce The opalescent moonstone is a natural crystal mineral with the energy of the moon. The moon embodies yin feminine energy. Similarly, this stone promotes healing, balance and enhances your intuition. Properties Colors: Opalescent, milky whites with variants of blue, gray, pink or green Chakra: Soma, Third eye, Solar plexus Number: Vibrates to 4 Planet: Moon Zodiac: Rabbit, Cancer, Libra, and Scorpio Bagua areas: Relationships (Kun), Completion/Children (Dui) Elements: Water, Metal, Earth Origin: Sri Lanka, India, and Australia …read full article If you’d like to learn more about feng […]
December 26, 2019

Remove All The Blocks To Creating Your Best Life!

[ ] You have talents, life experiences, knowledge and wisdom that is wholly unique. Your DNA, your spirit, your point of view– it’s also 100% you. As unique as you are, there are some things that hold true for us across the boards, and one of the biggest is that we participate greatly in creating our lives every single day. When you want to create something new, it can be complex or it can be simple. I choose simple. After all, if it’s simple it’s more likely to get done! The simplest way starts with pure energy. Rather than creating […]
December 24, 2019

2020 Chinese New Year and Feng Shui

[ ] The Chinese New Year, also called the Lunar New Year, is one of the biggest celebrations in Chinese culture. It is a long celebration that lasts for 15 days. Because it depends on the moon cycle — Chinese New Year is on the second New Moon of the year — it comes on a different… The post 2020 Chinese New Year and Feng Shui appeared first on Feng Shui Tips, Products and Services. Source link ...Read More
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