April 8, 2020

10 Favorite Prosperous Feng Shui Habits I’ve Been Practicing Right Now!

[ ] The energy of prosperity is the energy that brings every kinds of shining light to every day. Inspiration. Motivation. Excitement. Curiosity. Creativity. All these feelings and so many more are a part of creating the most prosperous home. Right now, more than ever, I’ve been leaning into the energy of prosperity to keep my days feeling expansive, my whole body feeling more glowing and strong and my whole life moving forward while staying at home indefinitely. Here are some of the prosperous habits of my Feng Shui practice these days that might inspire you to customize a few […]
April 6, 2020

Q&A Sunday: Artwork in Pairs

[ ] I have purchased the Venus mandala, and I want to hang it my bedroom, but just ran across a post on decorating a couple’s room, and it says to hang artwork in pairs. Do I need to get another mandala, or is this ok, since it symbolizes relationships? Shayna G., New York, NY Hi Shayna, Thanks for your question! I’m so glad you got the Venus mandala. I really love that one. The Venus yantra was the first yantra I ever ...Read More
April 4, 2020

Energy Shifts For More Happiness And Success

[ ] No one needs to be happy all the time because that denies the importance of every single emotion. But, where we spend the most of our time emotionally– overall — influences our life in dramatic ways. I’ve shared a whole lot on the blog about the enormous benefits of happiness. HERE is a huge post. There are many others. The benefits are even more extensively proven than I discussed. I wanted to bring happiness to the forefront here because it is so important. More happiness can make the difference in how you weather the storms, how creative you […]
April 2, 2020

Do You Know the Sun Moon Mirror Cure?

[ ] The Sun Moon Mirror in feng shui — what it is, how to make it and how to use it There are many transcendental feng shui adjustments or cures in the BTB school of feng shui (on which the Western school of feng shui is based on).  Basically, a transcendental feng shui cure is a… The post Do You Know the Sun Moon Mirror Cure? appeared first on Feng Shui Tips, Products and Services. Source link ...Read More
March 31, 2020

PODCAST EPISODE 76: Creating Calm with Decluttering and Organization

[ ] PODCAST EPISODE 76: Creating Calm with Decluttering and Organization Help create a sanctuary of calm in your home to help you manage the stress of the COVID-19 and coronavirus crisis. Organizing and decluttering and creating visual rest in your home can help create a peaceful and tranquil environment. Learn more tips for organizing and how it’s different than clutter. Applying organizing to your home and life helps manage stress.     LISTEN TO MORE EPISODES     Source link ...Read More
March 29, 2020

Could Feng Shui be the Antidote for your Sleeplessness?

[ ] featured on Refinery29 Photo via Refinery29 Of the 8,760 hours in any given year, each must be dispersed amongst a fairly standard set of categories: Social Affairs, Business, Pleasure, Philanthropy, Other, and, of course, Sleep. Alas, no matter how you choose to arrange your priorities, that last one remains a requirement; sleep is a prerequisite for functionality. And while many of us do, in fact, find slumber to be a decidedly pleasurable pastime, according to a 2016 survey, nearly 68% of Americans — I among them — have regular trouble falling or staying asleep. There is, of course, a […]
March 27, 2020

3 Feng Shui Methods To Manifest More During Quarantine

[ ] When you can’t leave the house– and Los Angeles made it official that we’re home for at least two more months– things change quickly. And, in this case the greatest good is staying home. But, that doesn’t mean that live is on a pause. It’s still happening. And, you can actually continue to manifest– possibly more than ever– while you’re at home– starting right this minute. I am intensely blessed and grateful. I’m healthy, I have so much and my home is full of love. There’s no way you’ll catch me complaining. Instead, this time is calling me […]
March 25, 2020

Feng Shui for Times of Difficult Change

[ ] To say we are living in very stressful times is an understatement. In a very short time, most of the familiar structures that were the basis of our energetic support have been either drastically reduced or completely disappeared. The levels of anxiety, fear, and panic can get overwhelmingly high, especially in dense city areas.  In… The post Feng Shui for Times of Difficult Change appeared first on Feng Shui Tips, Products and Services. Source link ...Read More
March 23, 2020

Mapping the Illness Sectors of Your Home

[ ] by Kathryn Weber Every year it’s important to watch for illness such as the flu. In 2020, it’s the coronavirus, or COVID-19, that is the most worrisome virus. However, other illnesses such as broken bones, cancer, diabetes are all part of the concerns we need to watch for, in addition to the COVID-19 virus. Understanding where your potential for illness resides in your home requires that you understand your home and its layout. Once you have a diagram of your home, you can divide it into 9 equal squares to see where the illness sectors are located. If […]
March 21, 2020

Female Architects Celebrate the Women Who Inspired Their Careers

[ ] featured on Houzz In the projects we highlight, designers we profile and events we cover, Houzz regularly celebrates creative and inspiring women in design. For Women’s History Month, which commemorates the valuable contributions that women — often unsung — have made throughout history, we wanted to let the inspiring female pros on Houzz tell us about the women who’ve inspired them. We asked women in architecture, a field still dealing with gender inequities, to describe the designers in their lives who have mentored, guided or otherwise positively influenced them in their careers. The answers we got include everyone from world-renowned […]
March 19, 2020

10 Ways To Keep Aligning With Excellent Things In Challenging Times

[ ] Where we focus our energy is where we will see growth. In times of any type of challenge, we many not be able to choose every circumstance but we can choose where we focus our energy. What’s most important at all times when faced with unwanted scenarios and situations is to align with positive things. If you align with the down-spiral and start thinking, talking and acting it out, you are far more likely to create that unwanted down-spiral in your own life circumstances. When we can stay aligned with the blessings, opportunities and solutions, more will avail […]
March 17, 2020

Is Having Plants in Your Bedroom Really Bad Feng Shui?

[ ] Understand the feng shui of plants in your bedroom Question: I am very confused because some feng shui books that say DO NOT put plants in the bedroom, as they need to be watered and water is bad feng shui in the bedroom. Then I read plants are good feng shui as they take the carbon… The post Is Having Plants in Your Bedroom Really Bad Feng Shui? appeared first on Feng Shui Tips, Products and Services. Source link ...Read More
March 15, 2020

PODCAST EPISODE 74: Coronavirus Feng Shui Tips for Managing

[ ] PODCAST EPISODE 74: Coronavirus Feng Shui Tips for Managing This year has been unprecedented with health concerns and worries caused by the coronavirus. Now called COVID-19, the coronavirus is 2020’s biggest disrupter, and not the good kind, either. These steps are guidelines for creating an energized and healthy home from a feng shui perspective.     LISTEN TO MORE EPISODES     Source link ...Read More
March 13, 2020

Feng Shui & Decluttering with Anjie Cho

[ ] featured on The Lavendaire Lifestyle Podcast If you’re looking for a sign to refresh and rearrange your space, this is it! We have feng shui expert Anjie Cho on the podcast to talk about how you can optimize the energy flow of your space for a more nurturing and mindful home. For some, feng shui may seem like a woo-woo concept, but as Anjie shares the reasoning behind her advice, you’ll find yourself saying, “Oh, that makes sense. I’d want to face that way too. That seems right to me.” Best of all: Feng shui is for everyone. […]
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