January 24, 2020

Is Yoga Good for You?

[ Is Yoga Good for You? Yoga comes in many forms, from Restorative to Ashtanga and everything in-between. But is yoga good for you? Let’s dive into that question and more as we explore the topic of yoga. What Is Yoga?  Yoga is a practice that was formed several thousand years ago in Northern India. It aimed to help people tune into their health as a whole: emotional, mental well-being, physical, and spiritual. In modern society, yoga is often used as a form of exercise that can reduce stress and help you focus inward. It is a practice with deep […]
January 23, 2020

Why Can’t I Lose Weight? 6 Surprising Reasons Why it’s Not Happening

[ Ever ask yourself, “Why aren’t I losing weight, even though I diet and exercise?” Check out 6 surprising ways you might be sabotaging your weight loss. Source link ...Read More
January 22, 2020

Does Yoga Build Muscle?

[ Does Yoga Build Muscle? Building muscle is one of the best ways to get and stay healthy. When you build muscle, not only are you enhancing your metabolism, but you are also making daily tasks a little easier on yourself (like finally opening that peanut butter jar you always have to hand to your roommate). But, does this mean that lifting weights is the only way to go for building muscle? Does practicing yoga build muscle? Let’s get into that now.  Benefits of Strength Training Strength training is essential for several reasons. The main benefit is that strength training […]
January 21, 2020

Osteoporosis: How to Prevent Bone Loss through Sports

[ Osteoporosis reduces bone density and increases the risk of fractures. Find out how you can prevent bone loss through sports and nutrition. Source link ...Read More
January 17, 2020

Swimming to Burn Calories

[ Swimming to Burn Calories: A Helpful Guide  Swimming is an excellent low-impact cardio workout that you can start as an infant, and continue for your entire life. It is the only of its kind, and has a ton of benefits that you can enjoy—but does swimming burn enough calories? We are getting into that today. What Does “Burning Calories” Mean? “Calorie” is a word we hear a lot. How many calories are in your food? How many calories did you burn? Calories in, calories out. But, what even is a calorie, and why would you want to burn it? […]
January 16, 2020

9 Top Foods That Will Definitely Keep You Full for Hours

[ Want to reach your weight loss goal? Start adding these foods that keep you full longer to your meals! Source link ...Read More
January 15, 2020

What Are Macronutrients? Everything You Need to Know!

[ Carbohydrates, protein and fat are the macronutrients. Learn more to become a macro master! Source link ...Read More
January 11, 2020

3 Easy Steps to Develop a Love of Running

[ Willing to give running another try? These 3 simple steps will help you learn to love running! Source link ...Read More
January 10, 2020

Best Bodyweight Exercises for Targeting Specific Muscle Groups

[ Want to target specific body parts? Get a list of best exercises (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced) for each muscle group. Source link ...Read More
January 9, 2020


[ When you join VASA, you become part of our VASA family. We are more than a gym, we are a place where you become the BEST version of you! Whether you’re training for an event, dancing with your friends, working out to reach a goal or lifting heavy stuff – you belong. You are what makes us, VASA – because you are VASA. I am unique, I am strong, I am capable, I belong and I am VASA. #IAMVASA   Tell us why YOU are VASA and how you are part of the VASA community for a chance to […]
January 8, 2020

Easy Nutrition Guide >> What to Eat on Cardio, Strength, and Rest Day

[ Are you not sure what to eat for different types of workouts? Check out our easy guide for fueling on cardio, strength, and rest days! Source link ...Read More
January 7, 2020

Is Swimming Aerobic or Anaerobic?

[ Is Swimming Aerobic or Anaerobic? Swimming can be intimidating. First, you have to get into a pool. Second, you have to know how to swim or be willing to learn how. But, we want to help shave that intimidation away. The pool offers a ton of variations of low-impact workouts and is a great place to build and maintain your strength as you age. It is worth getting to know your way around the pool, and with practice, patience, and a little research, you should be able to enhance your skills. But first, we need to start with the […]
January 4, 2020

5 Proven Steps to Build Healthy Habits Yourself

[ Are you ready to quit smoking, start running, or maybe read more? Dr. Josh Axe has tips on building healthy habits for a better life. Source link ...Read More
January 3, 2020

6 Tips and Tricks for Better Swimming

[ 6 Tips and Tricks for Better Swimming Swimming is a fun and effective way to switch up your workout with a low-impact workout. But, it can be challenging to learn. Getting in the pool for some is intimidating, but we want to break down those barriers. Follow along as we give you tips for better swimming. You’ll find out that you don’t need to be intimidated at all. So, read along.  Swimming for Exercise First, let’s talk about swimming as a workout. Exercises like running and plyometrics—while fantastic—are hard on your joints. These workouts are beloved, and some folks […]
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