How Do You Get To Know Yourself Fully? – Sadhguru answers at Entreprenuers Organization Meet

How Do You Get To Know Yourself Fully? – Sadhguru answers at Entreprenuers Organization Meet

Sadhguru looks at how unfortunately, most people do not pay enough attention to what lies within. He explains how the human system is the most sensitive and sophisticated machine on the planet. When we have such a wonderful gadget in our hands, we can’t afford to operate like a “blacksmith”!

Sadhguru Talks @ Entreprenuers Organization Meet, Chennai, Feb 2013

Full Transcript:

Sadhguru: Just got to be introduced, that’s all. (Laughter) You’re paying too much attention to everything around you, not enough attention to this one. (Gestures) But the quality of your life is essentially determined by how you carry this one. Yes or no? This moment, what kind of clothes you’re wearing, what kind of car you parked outside, what kind of home you live in – does not determine the quality of your life. This moment how joyful are you feeling within yourself, determines the quality of your life; isn’t it so? Nothing has been done about it. You think it will happen in consequence and you’re setting impossible goals for your happiness. ‘If I have to be happy, my wife should be like this, my hus… husband should be like that, my children should be like this, the world should become some other way.’ Well, these are impossible conditions you’re setting for your happiness and peacefulness.

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