How to cook kale so it WON'T taste DISGUSTING, for a delicious healthy meal!

How to cook kale so it WON'T taste DISGUSTING, for a delicious healthy meal!

How to cook kale – sautéed kale with salt and chili peppers. An easy and healthy way to cook kale!

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I’m not a real chef, but I do eat kale and chicken breast 3 to 5 times per week! Benefits of kale include: vitamins, iron, fiber etc. I eat kale because it’s healthy and tasty… well at least way I show you how to cook kale. I absolutely hate raw kale because it’s tough and bitter, disgusting.

The key to making kale is to massage the kale. This process breaks down the tough fibers and cooks the kale tender in the process. Follow these easy steps on how to cook kale, and you’ll be on that health grind in no time!

How to Cook Kale in Quick and Easy Steps
1. The first step to making kale is to rip off the kale leaves from the stem. Grab the stem with your thumb and just push. This is an easy way to prepare the kale.
2. Wash the kale with water
3. While washing the kale, you MUST massage the kale. This is the guaranteed way to cook tender kale. It breaks down the tough fibers so your mouth doesn’t have to.
4. Pour out all the water, then add salt.
5. Saute (with some olive oil) the kale in a heated pan for 5-10 mins with the seasoning of your choice.
6. Now you know how to cook tender kale every single time!!

What inspired me to cook this video teaching you how to cook kale is because I eat kale 3-5 times a week. It’s my main source of vitamins. Because I workout and I try to live a healthy lifestyle, kale fits perfectly into my diet. Normally, I just cook a whole bunch of kale and chicken breast then store them in individual containers with rice. This ensures my meals for at least half of a week. Honestly, as a college student, I don’t have the time to cook food all the time. I love cooking but I never have the time. So cooking kale is basically my relaxing time. That’s why I meal prep. Making kale is actually pretty fun too, especially the massaging part! It’s kind of like a stress relief.

I hope this video was helpful and you learned how to cook kale. Just remember, the key to making tender kale is to massage the kale.


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