How to Detox | Reduce Inflammation | Anti-Oxidants | Glutathione- Thomas DeLauer

How to Detox | Reduce Inflammation | Anti-Oxidants | Glutathione- Thomas DeLauer



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How to Detox | Reduce Inflammation | Anti-Oxidants | Glutathione- Thomas DeLauer… Glutathione (GSH): Often referred to as the mother of all antioxidants, it is composed of three amino acids – cysteine, glycine, and glutamate – glutathione can be found in virtually every cell of the human body. The highest concentration of glutathione is in the liver, making it critical in the body’s detoxification process. Glutathione is also an essential component to the body’s natural defense system. Viruses, bacteria, heavy metal toxicity, radiation, certain medications, and even the normal process of aging can all cause free-radical damage to healthy cells and deplete glutathione. Glutathione depletion has been correlated with lower immune function and increased vulnerability to infection due to the liver’s reduced ability to detoxify (1,2)

Immune System:
– The immune system is an elegant and complex group of components that combine to fight disease, infections, and various pathogens.

– A healthy immune system differentiates organisms in the body as natural, which are untouched, or invaders that are rapidly destroyed.

– A healthy immune system is able to combat the attack, whereas a compromised immune system allows invading organisms to flourish.

– Protectors of the immune system are white blood cells. There are a wide variety of white blood cells that help protect us from multiple threats, such as disease-causing bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections- Phagocytes and Macrophages.

– Your body cannot make white blood cells without adequate glutathione. It has also been shown to stimulate natural killer cell activity, which is especially useful in destroying cancer cells (2,3,4)
– Natural Killer Cell: Free flowing cell that kills disease without reliance on antigen.

T Cells:
– Glutathione boosts white blood cell production to fight infection, particularly the T-cells, which are called lymphocytes.

– T-cells are at the core of our immunity, and tailor the body’s immune response to pathogens, viral and bacterial infections or anything the cells recognize as being invasive.

– T-cells directly attack and destroy infectious agents and guard the body against attack. T-cells are produced in the bone marrow and mature in the thymus, but are present in the blood and lymph nodes.

– Glutathione is food for the immune cells, boosting the strength of lymphocytes
– It does this by boosting immune cells in the mucousal layer of the intestinal tract.

– B-cell lymphocytes identify the unwanted pathogen that the T-cells then attack. T-cells also shut down the immune response when the job is done (3,4)

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