Ketosis | Best Keto Eggs | Cage Free vs. Pasture Raised- Thomas DeLauer

Ketosis | Best Keto Eggs | Cage Free vs. Pasture Raised- Thomas DeLauer



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Ketosis | Best Keto Eggs | Cage Free vs. Pasture Raised- Thomas DeLauer…
When you go to the store you will see a large number of different keywords on the front of egg cartons, but what do they really mean and which are important for your health?

Overview (1):
Cage free eggs: This just means that the hens are not kept in cages, however often they are still in close proximity with one another and usually kept indoors in floor systems in open barns.

Free range eggs: These hens actually get the opportunity to feel sunlight. They spend at least a portion of their day outdoors.

Organic: These hens could be raised in cages, barns or free range, however they are not fed organic feed and are not given vaccines or antibiotics. Genetically modified crops are not permitted.

Organic eggs are often cage free or free range, but just because it states organic does not mean that they are free range, so be sure that this is on the carton as well. Besides animal treatment, why should we care?

*You will notice that when you compare eggs, organic, free range eggs have a darker yolk. This darker yolk is representative of the higher nutritional content of the egg. (2)

When we eat animals, what they eat is not lost – it is passed onto us. Organic free range hens are eating healthier food, and sometimes even have the opportunity to freely eat insects and plants. In comparison with non-organic hens who are fed foods such as GMO corn, the nutritional profile passed onto their eggs is substantial. (2)

One study of 14 flocks of free range egg producers found that, in comparison to the USDA nutritional value for commercial eggs: (3)

1. ⅔ more vitamin A
2. 2 times more omega-3 fatty acids
3. 3 times more vitamin E
4. 7 times more beta carotene
5. ⅓ less cholesterol
6. ¼ less saturated fat

1. Are Some Eggs Safer Than Others?
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Free Range Eggs vs Caged Eggs – What’s the Difference Nutritionally?

3. Meet Real Free-Range Eggs
4. Didn’t use – a study that shows increase of healthy fats in free range


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