ketosis: Low-Carb High-Fat Diet Effects on Magnesium

ketosis: Low-Carb High-Fat Diet Effects on Magnesium



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ketosis: Low-Carb High-Fat Diet Effects on Magnesium- Thomas DeLauer…
Keto, ketosis, ketogenic, fat adaptation, Atkins, whatever you want to call it, it’s big right now. A lot of people have been asking me to do more videos surrounding the world of ketosis. This video is about minerals and what happens when you’re in a very carb deprived state and you’re going into ketosis.

What happens with your minerals? Specifically, when you consume carbohydrates, you hold 3.7 grams of water in your body for every one gram of carbohydrate that you consume. Think about this. When deprive your body of carbohydrates, you’re losing a lot of that water, the water that would normally be hanging out in your muscles, the water that would normally be in your cells.

What does this mean when you don’t have that? You don’t have that water, which means you also don’t have the minerals. Your body is moving through minerals like crazy. Everyone will talk about salt. It’s becoming more popular. If you’re in ketosis, you need to have salt. Here’s the problem. Sure, add salt, but then your ratio is out of balance, your salt to magnesium ratio, your salt to potassium ratio, which means that you have to work from scratch and make sure you’re getting enough magnesium. I’ve actually talked about it in other videos that getting your magnesium from food sources is becoming pretty difficult, because most of them are depleted, but also, they’re usually counterbalanced with calcium.

In fact, we actually did a study. We did a little research where we actually sent in our own almonds to determine how much calcium and how much magnesium was in them. Turns out, there’s really not that much magnesium, when you factor how much calcium’s in it. You really should be supplementing magnesium when you’re in ketosis.

Simply put, you’re going to want to make sure you’re keeping those levels elevated. What’s going to end up happening is you’re going to actually start storing the minerals, because you’re having extra sodium coming in and able to retain water that way. It looks something like this. You start losing some weight, usually from water, the first few days of ketosis. You’re also losing electrolytes as well, so you add sodium into the mix. It’s going to help you retain water and then you add some magnesium, so that you retain the magnesium as well. There’s a step to this. Sodium first, then magnesium. I think you’ll find that you sleep a lot better, because that’s a problem that people have in ketosis. You’ll also find your mood is generally a little bit better.

You asked and you received. Let me know more videos you want to see, specifically surrounding ketosis, because I think that’s hot right now. If you have anything that you want to know, you can always comment below, or you can hit the contact form on my web site and myself, or a member of my team will start sifting through to determine which videos are best to do.

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