Liver Health: Detox the Liver with These 3 Foods: Thomas DeLauer

Liver Health: Detox the Liver with These 3 Foods: Thomas DeLauer



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Liver Health: Detox the Liver with These 3 Foods: Thomas DeLauer

Liver Overview

Your liver produces bile that helps with the breakdown of fat. During weight gain your liver is being attacked by inflammatory signals coming from your white adipose tissue and your digestive tract

At the same time, your white adipose tissue is unable to store fat fast enough, turning to the primary backup location for fat storage – your liver.

When your liver gets clogged with excess fat, metabolism becomes strained and you are at risk for developing far more serious health problems.

How does your liver clog?

Excess leptin production from white adipose tissue causes a lowering of adiponectin. Low adiponectin causes insulin resistance in your liver, which raises your blood sugar and converts sugar to fat in your liver.(1)

What causes a clogged liver?

Toxins lodge in the liver, kidneys, lymphatic system and especially fat tissue. The toxic build up prevents the normal uptake and utilization of nutrients, carbohydrates and proteins.

When our livers are so busy working to filter out all these toxins the liver has very little energy left to filter blood, drugs, and hormones let alone do the job as a digestive organ – thus many find losing weight more difficult. (2)

3 foods to help


A member of the Allium family, garlic is rich in a variety of powerful sulfur-containing compounds


Selenium – a mineral that increases the action of antioxidants – which assists the liver in detoxification.

Arginine – an amino acid important for relaxing the blood vessels, which eases blood pressure in the liver.

Vitamin B6 – helps lower homocysteine levels in the body, thus acting as an anti-inflammatory substance, which inhibits inflammation in the liver.

Reduce Fat Accumulation in the Liver – A study published in a May 2013 edition of Nutrition Reviews, researchers performed a comprehensive meta-analysis looking at the effect of garlic on total cholesterol, LDL and HDL cholesterol and triglycerides.

Findings suggest garlic to be effective in reducing total serum cholesterol and LDL cholesterol. (3)


Turmeric removes cholesterol from liver. Curcumin, one of the active ingredients in turmeric is believed to communicate with liver cells to produce more LDL receptors. Due to increase in receptors, more cholesterol is cleared from our body

One study administered fermented powdered turmeric to subjects, 20 years old and above, who were diagnosed with mild to moderate elevated alanine aminotransferase (ALT) levels, a maker for liver damage and/or dysfunction.

60 subjects were randomized to receive 3.0 g per fermented turmeric powder (FTP) or placebo 3.0 g per day for 12 weeks. The treatment group received two capsules of FTP three times a day after meals, for 12 weeks.

Results: Not only did FTP significantly reduce ALT levels in subjects but also reduced serum aspartate transaminase (AST) and gamma-glutamyltransferase (GGT), two additional enzymes which when elevated are commonly associated with liver damage. (4)


Pectin, a fiber found in beets, can also help clean the toxins that have been removed from the liver, allowing them to be flushed out of the system instead of reabsorbed by the body.

Beet juice can be highly beneficial, as it allows the betaine to stay intact. Betaine is the substance that encourages the liver cells to get rid of toxins.

Additionally, betaine acts to defend the liver and bile ducts, which are important if the liver is to function properly.

Studies have also found that regular consumption of beets, which contain betaine and polyphenols, enhance the liver’s ability to product glutathione and superoxide dismutase, both key factors in daily detoxification (5)


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