Mapping the Illness Sectors of Your Home

Mapping the Illness Sectors of Your Home



by Kathryn Weber

Every year it’s important to watch for illness such as the flu. In 2020, it’s the coronavirus, or COVID-19, that is the most worrisome virus. However, other illnesses such as broken bones, cancer, diabetes are all part of the concerns we need to watch for, in addition to the COVID-19 virus.

Understanding where your potential for illness resides in your home requires that you understand your home and its layout. Once you have a diagram of your home, you can divide it into 9 equal squares to see where the illness sectors are located.

If you have a diagram of your home from your builder or a blue-print, you can get right to work. If you don’t have a to-scale diagram of your home, you can use the plot diagram from when you purchased your home or simply draw it out yourself. You can read how to do that at this link.

You have your home’s diagram

Once you have your home’s diagram, you will want to apply the lo shu square. This is a tic tac toe type grid made of nine squares that correspond to the 9 sectors of your home. Here are some floor plan examples to guide you.

Illustration 1









Illustration 2








Once you have an understanding of where everything falls in your home, you can then begin to understand how the various illness energies can affect you. For instance, if you have a missing corner, and this is where an illness star falls, this will help protect you. It will also help to protect you if you have a toilet in an afflicted illness sector.

However, if your front door or your bedroom is located in any of these sectors, this is when you should be especially cautious.

My annual feng shui forecasts will always keep you apprised of where all the illness energies fall and how to handle them. You can learn more about the Year of the Rat in my 2020 overview here and in my feng shui forecast for 2020.

Here is a table of where the energies fall for each year.

  2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
7 RED SE Center NW W E


Applying the Illness Sectors

Once you have an understanding of where the illness sectors fall, you’ll be better prepared to handle their energies. Too often, what you think is in the south corner of your home, for example, is really in the southwest or southeast.

Bathrooms can be helpful

There’s a lot of unnecessary worry and concern about bathrooms in feng shui. There are many times when they can actually be helpful — and illness is one of those times. In the Illustration 2 example, the bathroom is in the east sector and this helps manage the illness energy there. This is a case where having bathrooms is actually a bonus and not a deficit. The same is true of garages, large closets, and laundry rooms. Their draining energy is helpful when there is an illness or other affliction.

Simply knowing where the energies are is a big step in helping you to manage them.

In 2020, the 7 Red star is listed as an illness star and one that worried me as I began writing my annual forecast. That’s because of its severity and potential for major worry – especially around breathing and the lungs.

I also am concerned about the 9 star as it has the potential to create problems.

In 2019, it flew to the NW where it could create health problems such as stroke, heart issues or difficulties with migraines or eye issues.

In 2020, the west is hosting the 9 star.

Because it’s a mutable star, it can be positive or negative, either creating benefits or problems. Because it is in the west for 2020, the sector of the lungs, it’s best to avoid adding any red colors here or flames in this portion of the house because of the potential to create breathing problems or serious health problems for any children who live in the home.

Just be sure to check the location of the 9 star each year just to be on the safe side.

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