Message From Dr. Richard Bartlett

A Message From Dr. Richard Bartlett
Going from the inability to change to POSSIBILITY is a very short step. Something like Richard’s GTT Session may possibly help you to access change. At the GTT Session we will amplify possibility in a group dynamic through a field that is greater than what you personally believe you are.

Upcoming GTT Session Webinar Schedule With Dr. Richard Bartlett: Thursday, February 14, 3-3:30 PM PST; Thursday, February 28, 3-3:30 PM PST. Learn More / Register:

Upcoming Seminars With Richard: Attend the Holo-SETS seminar in Chicago, IL February 2- 4, 2019; in Asheville, NC February 23-25, 2019; and in Houston, TX March 9-11, 2019. Learn More:

Upcoming Holo-SETS Webinars With Dr. Richard Bartlett: Friday, February 8, 3-4 PM PST: A Review of Advanced Holo-SETS With an Exploration Into Finer Points’ Webinar. Prerequisites required. Learn More:

February Webinar Replays: M.E.D. Webinar Replay with Dr. Richard Bartlett: Weight Loss, Blood Sugar Regulation & Metabolism. MATRIX ENERGETICS Webinar Replay with Dr. Richard Bartlett and Melissa Joy Jonsson: Working With Layers & Templates. Learn More:

Dr. Richard Bartlett is the developer of Matrix Energetics, Holo-Synchronous Energetic Technology Systems (Holo-SETS), Master Energy Dynamics, and the GTT Sessions webinar and is the exclusive teacher of these courses. To learn more about Richard and his events please visit:

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