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I’ve been working in the so-called wizardly healing arts for a long time now, at least since 1987. Over the years, I’ve seen many miracles.

I would not attribute any of those miracles to me, but to a willingness to be a conduit or vehicle for the universe to express itself in wondrous and magical ways. That said, I have never guaranteed that I can do anything or bring about certain results. This always concerns me with people in need and I always wish and want to do more for people. Truly, in the spirit of surrender, there is no power that I have outside of the power of the universal field of all oneness, all goodness and all intent.

For quite a few years now, I’ve been successfully using Matrix Energetics, Master Energy Dynamics and Holo-SETS in private one-on-one Skype sessions. Following that came the GTT (Group Transpersonal Transformation Session) webinars, which are group healings that are not specific for an individual, but for a group morphic field effect to occur.

Now there is a new impetus to offer a short Skype session with me.
This Mini Power Session would be 7 to 10 minutes long. It could be slightly less or slightly more. I want to emphasize that time is not the issue here. It is intent, rapport and connection. I cannot guarantee that any healing will occur and I want to be sure that you know I cannot guarantee such a thing. I wish I could and it’s been the work of my life to perfect the vessel so that the light might shine brighter through that vessel.

These Mini Power Sessions will be based on a template that I’ve created. It is like a menu of many parts that allows me to work very quickly and very in-depth with a person’s patterns.

I will use many tools and technologies that I enumerate in the video.

Again, time spent in the Mini Power Session will not be the emphasis. The greatest things you can do are to come into a session with no excess expectation and to be as neutral as possible to the outcome. This can be challenging, but this is where I have found the greatest change can occur.
This is the power of grace that can flow though all of us at any time.

I’m starting the Mini Power Sessions in order to provide a service that I haven’t been able to provide before, which is to make this experience available to some of you who have not been able to do the more expensive full private Skype sessions with me. The fee for the Mini Power Session is $80. It may provide an opening for you and hopefully this will serve you. Full sessions will also still be available. You can find more details for both using the link below.

In closing, I hope that all these things are helpful and that if this resonates with you, you will take advantage of this. Thank you very much!

Richard Bartlett


*PLEASE NOTE: A Mini Power Session can only take place if you have watched the video, understand the requirements, and if we have received comprehensive intake form information from you at least 72 hours in advance of your scheduled session. Otherwise, you will be contacted to reschedule your session for a time after the required information is received and as per Dr. Bartlett’s availability.


Dr. Richard Bartlett is the developer of Holo-Synchronous Energetic Technology Systems (Holo-SETS), Master Energy Dynamics (M.E.D.), and Group Transpersonal Transformation (GTT) Sessions and is the exclusive teacher of these courses. To learn more about Richard and his events please visit:

Dr. Richard Bartlett is the originator and developer of Matrix Energetics. Matrix Energetics seminars are taught exclusively by Dr. Richard Bartlett and Melissa Joy Jonsson. Dr. Richard Bartlett and Melissa Joy Jonsson are the only authorized ME instructors in the world.

Melissa Joy is the creator of the Joy Mapping process, a signature blueprint that provides a new language to experience self-love as integrity. Learn more about Melissa Joy Jonsson and her upcoming Joy Mapping events here:


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