Power Up Your Life with Your Feng Shui Personal Birth Element

Power Up Your Life with Your Feng Shui Personal Birth Element



Are there some colors better for you than others, and if so, what are they? To find out, it’s important that you know your personal birth element.

My feng shui birth element? That’s right, just like the day you were born is a personal lucky number, the year that you were born has an element associated with it, and that element is your personal birth element.

That means that one of the five elements is luckier for you than the others and can improve your life, bring you more money, and success.

Is understanding your personal feng shui element important to know? Yes! That’s because it’s part of the key to your feng shui success story.

When you know your birth element, it can help you pick out colors to use in your décor, and use colors that will make you feel and perform better than others — and that helps you tap into your success potential.

Your personal success element can give you insight into your personality, both positive and negative aspects, as well as what health issues can come up for you.

Best of all, knowing your feng shui birth element can give you a guide for selecting everything from gemstones that are fortunate for you to selecting bedding and linen choices, or even a car color.

To begin, you’ll select your birth element by the year you were born. Select from the table below that shows the elements based on your year of birth.



Water element people by their nature are fluid and transformative. They’re deep thinkers who love reflection and meditation. Time spent alone is something they enjoy as they are happy in their own solitude. Sensitive and creative are two words that describe water element people. There is a depth to them that makes them difficult to rattle.

One of their key personality traits is worry and fear. Water element people can often withdraw from life and from social settings, so there is a concern with depressive tendencies. Fear is an emotion that can keep them trapped from moving forward and being afraid of the future, which keeps them from truly experiencing the present or for making progress.

Their abilities to transform based on the environment can often make them seem to have multiple personalities. But it’s this adaptability that makes them able to manage a variety of situations and maintain diplomacy. Once fear is behind them, they can be formidable and powerful, achieving great heights of success.

Clothing and Decor Colors:

Metal colors (white, gray, gold, silver) and water colors of blue, black, purple, turquoise and aqua

Best Decor Items: 

Metallic objects, images of water, mirrors, and water elements and colors.

Element that Nourishes Water People: 


Clothing and Decor Colors and Elements to Avoid:

Beige and tan neutrals, wood, plants, green or brown colors


Green -- Feng Shui's Color of Health, Wealth and GrowthFENG SHUI BIRTH ELEMENT WOOD.

Wood element people are innovative, creative and love to bring big plans to fruition. They’re bubbling with excitement and make great project leaders. Another way to describe them is a Type A personality that’s driven, growth-oriented, assertive and sometimes confrontational. Wood element people have a lot of energy and because of that, they’ll need an outlet through creativity and physical exercise to release pent up energy.

If wood people are repressed, their dynamism that can feel angry and overbearing instead of expansive. If this tendency is pronounced without an outlet, the wood element person can turn anger inward with depression and worry. This can create problems with excess drinking, blood pressure, liver and gallstone problems.

One of their key personality traits is around growth, looking at the big picture and being goal-oriented.

As unrelenting as grass that grows in a concrete sidewalk, look to a wood element person for any job that needs someone to drive it to completion. Their environment needs to support and nourish their energy and find a way to help keep it balanced so that they can excel and use their growth energy to manifest great things.

Clothing and Decor Colors:

Wood colors (green, brown) and water colors (blue, black, purple)

Best Decor Items: 

Wood objects, plants, images of plants, nature, and water, water elements and colors

Element that Nourishes Wood People: 


Clothing and Decor Colors and Elements to Avoid:

Metal colors and elements



Fire element people are exciting to be around. They have a natural creative and expressive flair and a real talent for acting, speaking, and creating. When they’re around, they’re the life of the party and are affectionate and loving people.

One of their key personality traits is their confidence level. Even if they don’t always know exactly what they’re doing they take a “why not?” kind of attitude that can take them far. They will need to work on focusing their attention to see projects to the end. Health problems can tend toward eye issues, heart and blood pressure problems. Turned inside out, their enthusiasm can create anxiety.

As a generally happy person, the fire element personality can sometimes also know the depths of despair and develop a tendency to be overly dramatic and negatively-fixated. A good example is the actor’s persona of the happy and the sad mask. The fire person can sometimes move between them too quickly. Overall, the fire person is optimistic, bouncy and looks for the silver lining in life. Their buoyant attitude and optimism will bring them focused achievement and garner the recognition they deserve.

Clothing and Decor Colors:

Fire colors (red, magenta, pink, purple, orange) and wood colors (brown, green)

Best Decor Items: 

Wood objects, plants, images of plants, candles, fire images, images of the sun

Element that Nourishes Fire People: 


Clothing and Decor Colors and Elements to Avoid:

Water colors such as blue and black, and neutral colors such as tan, beige and yellow



Earth element people are those who put others ahead of themselves. They take care of others and are trusting and caring people who will come to your aid when you need them. Time spent with friends and family means the most to earth element people. They are polite and use discretion, loving good manners and simple courtesies makes them popular.

One of their key personality traits is their need for security in relationships, money, and housing. They are practical, productive and self-sufficient. They will give you the shirt off their back, as they love to take care of others. On the downside, the earth element can sometimes cause them to be martyrs and let others take advantage of them.

Earth element people can also be as immovable as a mountain with unrelenting stubbornness. In that regard, they can experience unshakable faith and will keep their nose to the grindstone long after others have given up. Earth people worry too much about what others think of them. Their health can suffer from overeating and digestive issues and weight, often not taking care of themselves the way they do of others. When committed and practice self-caring and love, the earth element person can be a steadfast leader who can bring people together that becomes their bridge to success.

Clothing and Decor Colors:

Tan, yellow, orange, ochre, terracotta, beige, red, purple

Best Element Decor Items: 

Fire, candles, stone or brick, crystals, earth elements

Element that Nourishes Earth People: 

Fire elements, objects

Clothing and Decor Colors and Elements to Avoid: 

White, gray, metal, metallic colors, green and brown colors



Metal element people are methodical, detail-oriented and finicky (in a good way!). They are very structured and like things just so. This is the personality that is cool under pressure and has an even temperament that manages to stay above the fray and is not given to fits of drama. Their ability to remain focused is well-known and they are just the right people for any job that requires follow-through.

There can be a judgmental quality in the metal personality that can sometimes take an inward direction. The need to follow rules and keep order can sometimes challenge the metal element personality. If so, this can lead the metal element person to depression and feelings of despair.

Metal element people are excellent scientists, doctors, and accountants. In health, concerns can focus around lungs such as COPD and asthma, problems with infection and digestive complaints such as IBS or Crohn’s disease. Any profession where an exacting personality is required will be where the metal element person can excel. It’s their mind, that when focused and freed of judgment, that can propel them toward their highest ability and be the source of their greatest achievement.

Clothing and Decor Colors:

Metal colors (white, silver, gray, brass, metallic finishes) and earth colors (yellow, tan, beige, terracotta).

Best Element Decor Items: 

Metallic elements such as iron and metal objects and earth elements such as images of mountains, maps, globes, and earth items such as vases, porcelain objects and crystals.

Element that Nourishes Metal People: 

Earth elements and objects

Clothing and Decor Colors and Elements to Avoid: 

Water elements and colors of blue or black and fire colors and elements such as red, pink or purple.


Learn what jewelry and gemstones are best for your birth element.

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