Q&A Sunday: Feng Shui Bagua Crystals and Missing Areas

Q&A Sunday: Feng Shui Bagua Crystals and Missing Areas



Photo by Tessa Wilson on Unsplash

Photo by Tessa Wilson on Unsplash

I am placing my nine feng shui bagua natural crystals around my space, and I noticed that, just like in our last home, my Relationship area is outside of my house in the yard. I’m not sure how that keeps happening… see my diagram below. The dashed lines are the outline of my house I traced from a blueprint I had. What do you suggest I do for that area? Do I put the crystal in my yard? Anything special I should do to this space?

Mary K., Dana Point, CA

Hi Mary

Thank you for listening to the podcast, sending in this question, and for purchasing the 9 Feng Shui Bagua Natural Crystals!

First off, good job on laying the bagua. It is definitely interesting that this is the second home that you noticed the Relationship area is missing from your floor plan. Sometimes we are attracted to spaces for a reason. It’s like how we live with habitual patterns. However there’s some intelligence in this, as you may up with spaces that may exacerbate or point out areas in your life that need attention or improvement. Are there any relationships that need some energy or consideration? That can be your primary relationship, business relationships, relationship with your mother or your maternal side or just relationships in general.

You also had a good instinct about completing the bagua by placing something in the yard where the missing bagua area is. That is something we often do as feng shui consultants. The crystal is a great way to do that. You can bury it at the top corner to energetically complete the bagua and “take back” the missing area. You can also do this with a light post, a tree or other ritual feng shui object. Just whatever you do, use the intention that you will be energetically filling in the missing Relationship gua.

One final note, the 9 Feng Shui Bagua Natural Crystals are a wonderful, simple way to activate each area; however, a more advanced technique would be to only use the crystals in the three areas that need the most attention. Since Relationships is missing from the house bagua, the corresponding crystal is one of the three that you can always have in place. Then consider for yourself or your family what other two areas need the most energy. This is something you can revisit every 90 days, or as needed. The reasons are: first, in feng shui, it’s not about fixing everything, especially if there are places that don’t need fixing. And when all nine areas are improved, it’s too perfect, and things then start to fall apart. Second, it’s beneficial to work on only the areas that need addressing. When you focus your energy on those three areas, more change can happen than when you try to fix everything at once.

Hopefully this helps clear things up around the bagua and your new space! Check out our podcast series on what each gua represents, and let us know what areas you end up working with! 🙂

by Anjie Cho

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