Q&A Sunday: How to Improve Focus in Your Home Office

Q&A Sunday: How to Improve Focus in Your Home Office



Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels

Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels

I’m working from home and having a hard time staying focused. Do you have any suggestions? 

Thanks for your question! I think a lot of people who are not used to working from home, or working from home with family around, are in a similar situation. There are definitely a few ways that feng shui can help. 

First, you want to make sure your desk is in the commanding position. This means you are able to see the door from where you sit without being directly in line with the door. This position minimizes stress, and it allows you to see any opportunities coming your way.

It’s also important to consider the view from your desk. If your desk is facing a wall, this can represent a block in your career. To fix this, try hanging a mirror at eye level to expand your view. Make sure it’s not too high; you want to be able to see the reflection in the mirror while you are working. It’s also not ideal to face directly towards a window, because your energy will flow outside, rather than staying with the projects you are working on. 

You can also place a small round mirror on the ceiling directly above your head where you work. Be sure that it’s fastened securely and that you feel safe. If it’s not fastened securely it could cause more anxiety and make it harder to focus. This mirror will elevate your qi, or energy, and help with mental focus and clarity. In turn, this can help to create more abundance. 

Another thing that can help with focus is to clear the clutter off your desk. It’s ok to have a messy desk sometimes, if having your supplies and inspiration in front of you helps you feel creative—but if you’re having a hard time staying on task, you might want to try clearing off your desktop and seeing if that helps. This can be especially helpful when you’re starting a new project. 

You can also ring a metal bell before you sit down to work. Metal helps with clarity and efficiency, and the sound of a metal bell can clear your home office space of stagnant energy. 

I hope that helps! 

by Anjie Cho

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