Q&A Sunday: Inviting Benefactors with Feng Shui

Q&A Sunday: Inviting Benefactors with Feng Shui



Photo by Austin Kehmeier on Unsplash

Photo by Austin Kehmeier on Unsplash

How do I invite help and support with feng shui?

I love talking about this, because the helpful people area is one of my favorite areas, or guas, of the feng shui bagua. Usually, people are most concerned with the relationships and wealth areas. The interesting thing about the feng shui bagua is that each area is connected to the one opposite from it. When someone is really concerned with the wealth area, it’s also really important to look at the area opposite wealth, which is related to helpful people. In order to bring more wealth and abundance into your life, you also need helpful people. It can be hard for a lot of people, myself included, to ask for help when we need it. You may be like me and be independent and like to do things a certain way, but it’s important to have people who support you. I have friends and mentors in my life who are really helpful to me, and make my life a lot better.

How do you activate the qian area of the bagua? First, you need to recognize when you need to ask for help. Feng shui works by doing things in your invisible world in tandem with taking actions in your physical environment. If you want help, you have to be open to receiving help and actually ask for it.

Next, it’s important that you become a helpful person to others as well. Your inner environment is a mirror of your outer environment, so being a helpful person will help you attract helpful people to you. 

To activate the helpful people area in your home, I would recommend starting with your bedroom, since that’s the easiest place to lay the bagua. When you’re standing in the doorway of your bedroom looking in, the right hand corner closest to you is your qian or helpful people area. It’s related to heaven, benefactors, and the metal element

In this area of your bedroom, you can use plants to invite life energy as well as slow and steady growth. Nine plants would be great, or you can add one robust plant.  You can also ring bells, chimes, or gongs. This is really powerful because metal is the element of the helpful people area, and also because you’re putting sounds and vibrations out into the world to let people know you’re asking for help and support. Metal is also connected to the voice, and in order to receive help, you have to ask for it. You can also paint this area grey, or add grey decor.

by Anjie Cho

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