Q&A Sunday: Laying the Bagua, Health, & Skin

Q&A Sunday: Laying the Bagua, Health, & Skin



Photo by Aubrey Rose on Unsplash

Photo by Aubrey Rose on Unsplash

Hi, We are in Australia (Southern Hemisphere) and I get to read your book in our local library. Do we read the map of bagua in the same direction? My daughter has eczema and I want to give her some help in Feng Shui. Health is in the middle of the space. What shall I do to help her recovery? Thanks a lot.

Chuiyin I., Victoria, Australia

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Dear Chuiyin,

Thanks so much for your question. For anyone who doesn’t know, the bagua is a conceptual map that feng shui practitioners lay on a space. It’s a three-by-three grid with nine areas that each correspond to a different area of life. The word “bagua” actually means “eight areas,” because there are eight areas around the center. 

There are many schools of feng shui, just like there are many schools of yoga, many ways to make pancakes…you get the idea. In the school of feng shui that I practice, BTB feng shui, we lay the bagua based on the formal front entry. We do this because that’s where the qi, or energy, enters the space. It’s also called the “mouth of qi.” In your case, even though you’re in the southern hemisphere, you still lay the bagua based on the formal front door. Other schools of feng shui, like Compass School, Classical, of Flying Star, may orient the bagua based on the cardinal directions, but I’m not an expert in those schools of feng shui.

You also mentioned the health area and wanting to help your daughter with her eczema. You’re correct that the health area is in the center of the bagua. This means it is touching all other bagua areas, and metaphorically, all aspects of your life. Think about it: if you don’t have your health, it can be hard to be successful in things like your career, relationships, or family life. Right now, it’s especially relevant to stabilize your health, and focusing on the health area would be helpful for your daughter and also your family in general.

You can start activating the tai chi by giving attention to the center of your home: notice what is going on in that area of your home or bedroom, start spending more time there, and make sure it is well cared for and uncluttered. You can also add the color yellow, which is related to this area, and/or plants, which bring growth and healing.

There are many metaphors in feng shui. If someone in your household is having skin issues, it may be helpful to notice what is going on with the walls, which represent the “skin” of your home. Are they dirty? Do they need a new coat of paint? Working on things in your home can work in tandem with what you’re doing for your health.

Thanks again for your question! 

by Anjie Cho

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