Samsara to Sanyas: Breaking the Cycles of Time | Sadhguru

Samsara to Sanyas: Breaking the Cycles of Time | Sadhguru

Sadhguru explains how Samsara and Sanyas are not lifestyles. Are you trapped in the cycles of time with life going in circles, or have you broken free from the cyclical nature of time? This is what samsara and sanyas are about. He speaks of how one can be a sanyasi and live in a family situation, while one could be a monk and still be in a samsara of their own.

Sadhguru Talks @ Houston, USA, Mar 2013



Sadhguru: The word samsara does not mean family. This… it just means cyclical. Who you are right now is a product of certain cycles. There’re many ways to look at this. The cycles of the sun, the cycles of the moon and various other cycles in the universe – we are a product of that. Only because our mothers’ bodies were in sync with the cycles of the moon, we’re born here, isn’t it? So we are a product of cycles. Our idea of time is cyclical. If the planet spins once, we say it’s a day. If the moon goes around, we say it’s a month. If the planet goes around the sun, we say it’s a year. Our idea of time itself is cyclical. If it was all like this…going like this, you wouldn’t know what is time, because there are no markers anywhere. If the planet was just going straight somewhere, would you know what is time? Only because it’s in cycles, you are able to decipher as to what is time. You are able to measure a certain length of time. And your life is a certain amount of time and it is going in cycles because it’s a product of this. Solar system is like the Potter’s Wheel – we’ve just generated this.

So, time and the cycles of time, either you can be trapped in the cycles of time or you can ride the cycles of time. If you are trapped in the cycles of time, we say “You are in samsara” because life becomes cyclical and it keeps repeating psychologically, physiologically. Physiologically definitely there are cycles. The monthly cycles in a woman’s body are related to the moon. There are other cycles which are related to the sun, which are not so obvious as the cycles of the moon, but they are happening. If you observe your life carefully, you will see it is cyclical. Same things are repeating themselves – in different colors, but same things are repeating themselves over a period of time. You can actually look whether it is twelve years, it’s six years, it’s three years, it’s happening at some point. If it is happening in very short cycles, you are heading towards a psychological breakdown. If it’s happening in long enough cycles, you are just suffering boredom. (Laughs)

So, if you’re trapped in the cycles, we call it samsara. If you ride the cycles towards your liberation, then we say this is sanyas. Sanyas need not necessarily mean not having a family. Samsara need not necessarily mean that you have a family. You can be a sanyasi and still be in a samsara of your own. You need not be married, by yourself you could be wrangled up by yourself. If you get married, you… extra help you get. (Laughter) People are alone and they’re quite wrapped up by themselves. They don’t need anybody’s help. (Laughs) They’re doing fine by themselves… their own samsara. Is it happening or no? Single people are in their own samsara or no? They are into their own chakkar going on. When you get married, at least you can blame it on somebody “It’s because of her, I am like this” or “Because of him, I am like this.”

So these words have gotten related to certain aspects of life because generally it’s believed that you can be trapped in samsara only when you have a family. Because once you have a family, you have to earn certain amount of money, you have to do certain things, children are there means certain things have to be managed. So things become cyclical. When things are going in cycles, it feels that everything is better organized…

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