December 11, 2019

How Do I Respond To Another's Pain-Body?

This clip is taken from a special edition of Eckhart Tolle Answers – 10 profound inquiries into the nature of fear, the mind, faith, aliveness and more where he talks about the presence required for this challenge. Subscribe to find greater fulfillment in life: Interested in diving deeper into Eckhart Tolle’s work? Enjoy a FREE 10-DAY TRIAL to Eckhart Tolle Now: Check out some of our other playlist: Meditation – Our True Identity – Supporting Awakening – Daily Life – Conversations with Guests – Connect with us elsewhere: Eckhart Tolle is widely recognized as one of the most original and […]
July 27, 2019

MEDITATION: What is it and what are its benefits? ASK DEEPAK CHOPRA!

Description: Deepak Chopra defines meditation and discusses it’s history and context in Vedanta. He also explains some of the benefits of its practice.* Join Deepak and Oprah Winfrey on the new 21-Day Meditation Challenge – “Miraculous Relationships”. Starts Aug 5th – free to participate. Register today! ASK DEEPAK features reflections, thoughts, and inspirations on big questions and current events from writer and philosopher Deepak Chopra. What would you like to Ask Deepak? Leave your question in the comments below or upload a response video. THE CHOPRA WELL is a new Youtube channel created to encourage people to live healthier, […]
July 2, 2019

Facing Challenges

On the path to spiritual mastery, some challenges will require the energy of overcoming while others will call us to practice the art of transcendence. source ...Read More
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