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August 13, 2019

Should You Count Calories? (Enough Already!)

[ ] Click Here to Subscribe: Website: Get the Apparel I Wear at Should You Count Calories? (Enough Already!) – Thomas DeLauer I’m going to shift the way that you look at calories forever. You see when it comes down to getting in the best shape. When it comes down to burning fat, there’s a couple of simple things that you have to understand, but first and foremost, we need to know what this is. This is five pounds of fat. All right? That equals 17,500 calories. That means that you need to be in a deficit […]
June 6, 2019

Calories In vs. Calories Out – The Debate is Over

Be Sure to Check Out Mike’s Channel (High Intensity Health): Mike’s Instagram: Click Here to Subscribe: My Website: Putting an End to the Calorie Debate – Do Calories in Calories Out Matter? So, calories in versus calories out. A question that comes up constantly: Does it truly matter and is it a real thing? All over the internet right now, we see people that are talking about, just, if it fits macros, or eating whatever you possibly want as long as it fits within a specific caloric range. Then we have another subset of people that […]
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