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January 26, 2020

Deepak Chopra, Perez Hilton, Rudy Tanzi : Motivation and Hardwiring the Brain | Ask Deepak!

[ ] From Human to #Metahuman – 🙏 Get the book @ 🙏 Read more on Deepak Chopra’s official website: Perez Hilton explains how he lost 80 pounds. One of his biggest motivations was visualization, and he rewired his brain to change how he thinks about food. Healthier food options and working out became pleasurable for him. Rudy Tanzi translates Perez’s action into a scientific explanation. As Perez intentionally changes his perception, he trained his neural networks and created new synapses. Follow Deepak on Twitter: Follow Deepak on Facebook: Visit source ...Read More
November 24, 2019

Can We Influence Our Own Evolution? Ask Deepak Chopra!

[ ] Read more: Subscribe to The Chopra Well: Can we influence our own evolution? Deepak explores how can we influence human evolution as well as the evolution of the cosmos. Our feelings, our thoughts, our perceptions, our cognition, our internal mental activity and our behavior changes in every moment. The neural architecture of our brain responds to both internal and external reactions which we create through our own choices. Thus, as we think, feel and emote – we affect the expression of our genes and expression of genes in others. Your genes are activated right now watching […]
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