Dessert (Industry)

February 4, 2020


Hey guys!! These are my favourite protein desserts i enjoy making lately! Protein powder gives different flavours so they are great when making desserts! plus the protein you get from it, so they are guilt free and so tasty!! RECIPES CHOCOLATE ICECREAM 100g Fat free yogurt 1 scoop chocolate protein powder 3 Tbsp Sweetner ANY HEALTHY TOPPING Sugar free cookies Choc Shot PROTEIN TRIFLE Sugar Free Jelly (Strawberry Flavour) 100g Fat free Fromage Frais 1 scoop Banana or Vanilla Protein 3 Tbsp Sweetner Choc shot or grated dark chocolate Baked Cheesecake 500g Fat free Yogurt 2 eggs 1 scoop white […]
July 21, 2019

3 Healthy Treats & Desserts

3 Healthy & Easy Treat Recipes! Thanks for Watching! Instagram – Pinterest – Email – source ...Read More
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