May 12, 2020

Leaky Gut Fix: Glutathione and Digestion: Thomas DeLauer

[ ] Be Sure to Subscribe for 3x Videos Per Week! Home Leaky Gut Fix: Glutathione and Digestion: Thomas DeLauer How Does Glutathione Work? Glutathione exists within cells in its reduced form (GSH), meaning it has an extra electron. In the process of neutralizing reactive oxygen species it becomes oxidized (GSSG), but reacts with another oxidized glutathione to become glutathione disulfide. (5, 7) What causes glutathione depletion? – Our body makes sufficient glutathione to help keep everything running smoothly, however it becomes depleted as a result of extreme stress – Stressors include: insulin surges from sugary, high-carb diets, immune aggravation […]
July 2, 2019

Change your Gut with Vitamin D

Click Here to Subscribe: Website: Get the Apparel I Wear at Change your Gut with Vitamin D – Thomas DeLauer The resulting lack of pantothenic acid adversely affects the immune system, producing a “pro-inflammatory” state associated with atherosclerosis and autoimmunity. Vitamin D and B100 were recommended to over 1000 neurology patients. Sleep characteristics, pain levels, neurologic symptoms, and bowel complaints were recorded by the author at routine appointments. Three months of vitamin D plus B100 resulted in improved sleep, reduced pain and unexpected resolution of bowel symptoms. This often-misunderstood “vitamin” is not a vitamin — it is […]
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