September 4, 2020

4 Easy Campfire Desserts

Here is what you’ll need! 4 EASY CAMPFIRE DESSERTS CINNAMON ROLL STICKS Servings: 5 INGREDIENTS Cinnamon rolls Metal skewers Stick, cleaned (optional) PREPARATION Wrap each cinnamon roll onto your choice of skewer. Roast over fire like you will a marshmallow. Make sure to rotate to evenly cook through. Enjoy with icing or on it own! CAMPFIRE ORANGE CAKE Serving: 8-12 INGREDIENTS Box cake mix (according to box) Oranges Aluminum foil Topping (optional) Whipped cream PREPARATION Cut ⅓ of the top of the orange off. Scoop out the meat of the orange. (note: save to make orange juice later!) In a […]
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