February 18, 2020

What If One Is Secretly Angry At God?

Excerpt from Eckhart Teachings: What if one is secretly angry at God? source ...Read More
December 27, 2019

Interview On The Hour With George Stroumboulopoulos

Eckhart Tolle – is considered one of the world’s most influential spiritual teachers – a master of inner calm and peace. In a nutshell, he teaches that you are not your mind. In fact, Eckhart says, your mind is your worst enemy. It overtakes the real you and creates thoughts that make you miserable. So if you want to achieve peace, you’ve got to disassociate yourself from your mind. The key ? Live in the present. Eckhart sums it all up in his book ‘The Power of Now.’ He wrote it in Vancouver, where he now lives. The book came […]
December 19, 2019

Jim Carrey On "Awakening"

Jim Carrey candidly discusses his encounter with authentic Awakening. Recorded at the 2009 Inaugural GATE Event (Global Alliance for Transformational Entertainment) Video was Shot and Produced by Eckhart Tolle TV. Eckhart Tolle TV is an online video network offering of transformational video content featuring Eckhart Tolle & Kim Eng. source ...Read More
November 19, 2019

Are Thoughts The Source Of Ego?

Is the ego the source of our thoughts or are our thoughts generated elsewhere and passed through the ego? The ego arises out of the state of identification with thought. The moment of freedom arises when we realize that we are not our thoughts—rather, we are the awareness. source ...Read More
August 15, 2019

Where Do Our Thoughts Come From?

Eckhart Tolle discusses the transpersonal nature of thought, and how awareness arises both individually and collectively. source ...Read More
August 9, 2019

Where Is The Line Between Discernment And Judgment?

Question for Eckhart Tolle: Where is the line between discernment and judgment? source ...Read More
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