March 2, 2019

Experience with Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering Program (Part 1) | Akash Gupta Vlogs

This is an experience vlog and a documentary of my experiences with the #InnerEngineering Program offered by #Sadhguru at Isha Institute of Inner Sciences. Share this as much as you can as we can do at least this much if we feel like giving back to Isha Yoga in anyway we can. I attended a 4 Day corporate program and learnt #ShambhaviMahaMudra and went through a mystical experience with fellow seekers. In this process, i met Evgeniya from Russia (Seeker) and Manish Narula, Gurgaon (Seeker) and a Somen, Delhi (Volunteer) and this vlog is about what we four felt through […]
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