Test Your Feng Shui 101 Knowledge



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Test Your Feng Shui 101 Knowledge

This fun quiz is designed to help you find out how much basic knowledge you have of feng shui!

At the end of the quiz, you’ll see the answers you got correct and those you missed. The correct answers will be shown in green. On the bottom will be a total score. Each question is worth 5 points for a total of 80 points.


1. What do the words feng shui mean?

2. Where did feng shui originate?

3. What is the energy that drives feng shui called?

4. How many elements are in feng shui?

5. Which is the element that’s not part of the basic feng shui elements?

6. What is the octagonal-shaped feng shui map called?

7. Where is the most critical area of your home that qi/chi enters?

8. Where should you place your bed in feng shui?

9. Where should you place your desk in feng shui?

10. What feng shui element represents health?

11. What feng shui element represents relationships, intelligence and wisdom?

12. What element represents joy, fame, and success?

13. What element represents income, opportunity and business?

14. If something is supposed to be good feng shui but you don’t like it, is it still good feng shui?

15. Feng shui is about improving the flow of energy in our homes to help the flow of energy in our lives.

16. I can improve my life by improving my home’s feng shui because my home is an extension of myself.

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