Testosterone: 3 Ways to Balance Hormones- Thomas DeLauer

Testosterone: 3 Ways to Balance Hormones- Thomas DeLauer



Testosterone: 3 Ways to Balance Hormones- Thomas DeLauer… Get more nutrition advice at http://www.ThomasDeLauer.com
I want to focus on my three favorite compounds; Triulus, Maca and DIM. Tribulus is known as that testosterone booster, but it’s so much more than that. Tribulus is derived from an ancient Chinese, and Indian, and Greek herb. It’s been used for centuries. It’s been used for a long period of time, not to necessarily help boost testosterone, but to help balance out hormones in general.

First is Tribulus:

Now, where tribulus essentially gets its powerful effect is from something called protodioscin, which is an active component in the tribulus. What this protodioscin does is it helps out our bioavailable free testosterone levels. It helps separate some of the molecules that allow this testosterone to be usable. Then, again, we have to look at the fact that tribulus by itself isn’t always great because it can skew some of your hormones and put things out of balance.

Next is Maca:

What exactly does maca do? You see, maca is known as a hormone modulator. It doesn’t necessarily increase any one specific hormone, but it works across all endocrine glands. That means it can help you with your adrenal function. It’s going to help you with your thyroid function. It’s going to help you with testosterone function, and it can help modulate estrogen as well, so it’s doing a lot of things across the board.

Maca balances our hormones by working on something called the HPTA, the hypothalamic–pituitary–gonadal axis. It works on brain signaling. Our brain is signaling different endocrine hormones. Rather than taking a specific compound that’s working directly on one hormone, maca is working on modulating the brain signals. This allows our body to have that natural skewing of hormones that needs to happen based on activity, based on mood, whatever the case may be.

The next compound I want to talk about is DIM:

What exactly is DIM? When you look at the cruciferous vegetable, things like broccoli, things like cauliflower, things like bok choy, Swiss chard, anything that’s cruciferous, they contain something called indole-3-carbinol. Now, what that IC3 is is basically an expanded version of DIM. There are small amounts of that diindolylmethane within IC3, but the amount of cruciferous vegetables that you would have to eat in order to elicit a positive response like you would get from just taking a DIM supplement is astronomical. You’d have to take a ton. When we look at DIM, it’s basically a very concentrated form of the estrogen modulators that you get out of cruciferous vegetables.

Let’s talk about estrogen for just two seconds. We’ve got two different kinds of estrogen. We’ve got 2 hydroxy estrogen and we’ve got 16 hydroxy estrogen. We want to control the 16 hydroxy estrogen. That’s the estrogen that is negative. That’s the estrogen that helps you store fat. That’s the estrogen that converts that aromatase enzyme, converts testosterone into more fat and more negative properties of estradiol. We want to control that one.

The nice thing about DIM is it actually supports the good estrogen, the 2 hydroxy estrogen, and it helps kill off and crush the 16 hydroxy estrogen. What this does is it gets rid of the extra estrogen floating in the bloodstream that would normally be bound to testosterone. Consequently, you free up some of the testosterone so you kill two birds with one stone, not only do you eliminate the water retention, the bloating and potential fat gain from 16 hydroxy estrogen, but you also release some of the free testosterone that can allow you to get those male optimization benefits that you really want, the benefits that are going to help you feel better in the gym, the benefits that are going to help you make better decisions in the kitchen, the benefits that are going to help you in the bedroom, the things that a lot of us guys are always concerned with.

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