The 2020 Abundance Theme That’s So Empowering!

The 2020 Abundance Theme That’s So Empowering!




I love big themes that focus things. Every New Year I choose my own themes in lieu of “New Year Resolutions” because I find them way more flexible and motivating. Calm and Expansive were two big theme words that characterized 2019, and looking back at the year so far, that’s what has unfolded in a big way in my own life, guiding my choices and putting a premium on feeling fantastic above all else.

You can pick a theme or two or three for the New Year ahead and let that energy be your guide, too. I’m still arriving at those words of 2020. Incredible gratitude is what is most on my mind during this holiday-filled season.

But, even before the New Year…. there’s a cosmic theme you may want to embrace for all it’s empowerment.

Jupiter– the planet that’s through to bring fortune– shines it’s light on Capricorn this year. The comic themes are all about tangible abundance that come from focus, work and being grounded.

While you cam bring fortune to your life every single day, Jupiter in Capricorn is a year’s worth of advancement of all endeavors that you endeavor to take seriously!


Let’s start with the word serious because it comes along with stern, strict and often punishing meanings that are not wholly in line with anything I choose to embrace. Low vibes don’t bring magic to life. Love brings magic to life.

Instead, let’s look at SERIOUS as a synonym for RESPONSIBILITY. What do I want to be responsible for? Or, a better question: What do I want to actively create?!

This is a really illuminated idea.


That’s worth making some choices to focus your energy!!!


Which brings us to the next big idea: FOCUS.

Focus isn’t a rigorous situation where you need a gallon of coffee and your entire world to stand still while you pour 100% of your attention into just one single facet of your life.

That’s not even focus, it’s pushing, forcing and possible even obsession!

I’d rather be entranced, magnetized and thrilled.

This is the kind of focus that makes magic happen.

You love things so much or you feel so committed to the process that you pour yourself wholeheartedly into all of it.

You feel so committed that you can’t wait to create more every day.

This kind of focus can actually de-clutter your life.

Drop out the extras– the extra commitments, the extra steps, the overloaded plate, the things you do to prove that you’re working hard– and let yourself have the space to focus this year.


When I’m asked how I grow my creative endeavors my first thought is–they grow organically.

Great ideas take on a life of their own and I feel I’m bringing them through me.

Whatever you think this is– inspiration, divine guidance, downloads from the universe– it is very powerful. VALUE YOURSELF AND YOUR LIFE HIGHLY

Everything in our lives reflects our value and respect for it.

Self-care and organizing your days to make yourself matter a whole lot is a big part of this value.

Home-love and all the clearing and cleaning of your space is a big part of this value.

The maintenance of both you and your environment and everything you love is a reflection of how much you value yourself.

This is a big part of why Feng Shui is so important. It’s home love but it’s also, in my way, self-care. It’s keeping your energy high and focused in easy ways. It’s organizing so that you can create serious focus that creates seriously awesome results in all that you do.

So, as Jupiter gets comfortable in Capricorn, we’re called to step it all up as we’ve wanted and felt drawn to do—

Expand your organization.

Set wildly exciting intentions.

Create a home that reflects your value and supports your inspiration.

And… get to work!

From this place of high vibes, everything you create is going to have a much bigger impact and way bigger rewards…. and that is so spectacular!!!



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