The 5 Essential Feng Shui Power Cures

The 5 Essential Feng Shui Power Cures



Every year feng shui moves and shifts from one sector to another and one zodiac sign to the next. But some feng shui energies that move from corner to corner each year, and that have the greatest potential to do harm, require particular cures, or remedies, as I prefer to call them.

These remedies are ones that will be necessary from year to year, making them essential for annual feng shui. The feng shui cures for wealth and prosperity are actually enhancers, because who needs to cure wealth and prosperity? 🙂

But we do need feng shui cures for 2020 and every year thereafter.

Can you re-use your annual cures?

Of course! Some experts in the feng shui community will often recommend getting rid of annual cures because they have been used and they recommend buying new replacement cures. This is unnecessary – and a waste of money.

Heavy-duty cures don’t require replacing. Simply cleaning before re-using will often be all that’s needed to receive the help these cures offer.

The 5 Element Pagoda traps the 5 Yellow affliction and protects from health and relationship problems, accidents and misfortune

Cure #1: The 5 Element Pagoda

This feng shui cure helps manage the annual 5 Yellow, the most serious of all the annual afflictions.

The 5 Element Pagoda is designed to be opened and filled with dirt, dust and debris from the sector where it will be placed, essentially trapping and locking up the 5 Yellow energy.

Although beautiful and an interesting conversation piece, the 5 Element Pagoda should be placed inside a cabinet, closet or out of the way place.

Because the 5 Yellow is both an annual and monthly star, it’s a good idea to have two of these to use.

One can be used for the annual 5 Yellow and the second one can be used to move around from sector to sector as the 5 Yellow moves each month, although it’s not absolutely necessary to have two.

Cure #2: The Brass Wu Luo

A wu luo is s reputed to hold the elixir of life, granting immortality, and for this reason, the wu luo is considered to be lucky for health and for turning good fortune into bad.

This cure is most often used for the annual 2 Black illness star.

The brass wu luo can be used like the 5 Element Pagoda, placing one where the annual star moves each year and having a second one to be placed where the Black 2 flies for the monthly energies.

The wu luo is also helpful to add on either side of your bed if you sleep in the 5 Yellow sector or if the 5 or 2 stars fly to your bedroom for the month.

Cure #3: The Brass Windchime

When working with either the 5 Yellow or 2 Black, a brass wind chime can be invaluable. If the 5 or 2 are at your front door, hanging a wind chime near the door can help lift their energies away from the house. They can also be hung wherever the two stars fly for the month or year.

In addition to handling difficulties like the earth affliction of the 5 and 2 stars, brass wind chimes are also excellent activators, perfect for enhancing the 1 or 6 stars that brings benefits and opportunities.

Windchimes can also be used to activating the northwest and north sectors as their metal is enhancing to these sectors, bringing helpful people and mentor luck as well as career growth.


Cure #4: Rhino & Elephant

When the 7 star of robbery and violence is at your front door or bedroom, it’s important to employ a remedy that can counteract the 7’s malevolence. Being fiercely protective, both the rhinoceros and elephant make excellent cures to add a level of protection against the 7 star.

The rhino and elephant are often sold together to work as one to counteract the 7 star, but you can also buy them separately.

Place them wherever the 7 star flies to guard and oversee your home.

Three sticks of green lucky bamboo set in stones in glass vase cure the 5 and 2 illness stars and enhance health.

Cure #5: 3 Bamboo in rocks and water

Because both the 5 Yellow and 2 Black stars work to create illness, it’s important to add some touch of green for health in these sectors.

The ultimate remedy? Three stalks of lucky bamboo in a glass vase with water and pebbles will help bring the 2 and 5 under control and add a touch of healthy growth and vitality to wherever they fly.

Where not to use this cure?

Avoid placing bamboo in the bedroom because plants are not good for sleep and can create disruption in relationships. Otherwise, place this cure in a living room, kitchen, home office or den.



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