The 8 Essential Feng Shui Enhancers



The key to activating your feng shui is using the right enhancers. Often called feng shui cures, these items are ones that help you boost great energy like a Vitamin B12 shot to your home or office.

These enhancers aren’t anything particularly special either. In fact, most of them are ordinary items that can be used in uber-simple ways to help improve the energy in your home and life.

So, before you worry about turning your home into a Chinese emporium, keep in mind that these feng shui enhancers are things you probably already have in your home, and now you need to put them to work!

When placed correctly, they’ll help lift stale, stuck or stagnant energy and give your home a bright and helpful nudge and welcome good chi, happiness, and opportunity into your life.



Lighting brightens your life.

Lighting is an all-purpose way to add great energy to your home as well as help to ward off negativity. Besides adding light, on a feng shui level, lighting adds yang energy, that’s the good stuff that’s absolutely vital for having a home that’s activated for wealth, health, and relationship happiness.

Lighting can be used to fill in missing corners or sectors, activate your front door, brighten your foyer for new opportunities, and bring growing chi.

Keeping your home bright is one way to energize it for good news, a positive and optimistic outlook, and to keep your home (and life) feeling bright and hopeful rather than dark or depressing.

How to use:

Add twinkle lights to your plants, keep your foyer and entryway brightly lit for opportunities, add to landscaping to give your garden a boost of yang energy, and to keep your home energized, add crystal chandeliers for an opportunity that comes with wealth attached.

If you have an L-shaped house, add a light pole to the corner where the missing sector is located to symbolically complete the missing corner.


Crystals strengthen and ground us.

These natural beauties are the earth’s most beautiful energies made manifest in sparkling crystals. They are excellent energizers that can be placed to activate the southwest love location, northeast sector of education and wisdom, the west sector of children, and the northwest corner of heaven energy and helpful people (and don’t we all need those?).

Select crystals that speak to you.

Wherever possible add lighting with your crystals as this helps to activate their enhancing qualities of health, connectedness, and a feeling of being grounded in our hectic and sometimes crazy world. They help to solidify our relationships with others and improve our thinking and decision-making ability.

How to use

Add a large crystal cluster to the southwest corner of your home or living room to benefit all who live there. Select clear, sparkling varieties and avoid those that are dull or cloudy.

Add a geode to your home to add mountain energy to sustain you through difficulties, or tie a geode with red thread and place under the foot of the bed of the woman of the house.

It will help ground her and keep her relationship partner from wandering. Hang a faceted crystal in your windows to spray rainbows in the room and lift worries and stress.


Plants bring growth energy to your home and life


Plants add growth and renewal energy.

Whether you choose plants or flowers, adding a plant to your home is a terrific way to add new growth and vibrancy to your home and life.

Whenever you feel stuck and stagnant, adding a plant to your home, particularly in the wood sectors of east, southeast or the fire sector of the south, can help add new life to your home. Be sure to keep plants healthy and attractive looking with regular fertilizing and trimming as needed.

Add a trio of plants to the lucky corner of a room or the wood corners. Flowers are also an excellent enhancer especially in the rooms of sick or those who are unhealthy. Flowers make fabulous enhancers for love, too.

How to use

Whether you choose real or silk flowers or plants makes no matter. Use them in the lucky corner of your office, which is the corner diagonal to the door, as a way to see growth in your career.

You can also add them to the east and southeast corners of your home and living room or office to jump-start growth and add living energy to your home.


Water brings income and business opportunity

Water brings income, growth, and prosperity.

Water has always been a source of wealth and prosperity and it is especially so in feng shui. Used in fountains in your landscape, at the front of your home or inside your home either as fountains or fish tanks, water is well-regarded in feng shui for bringing wealth and great prosperity.

Adding the sound of generating water to your home and landscape is recognized as the sound of generating income and wealth. If you keep fish, these are also activators of energy and can bring wonderful benefits wherever they are placed.

How to use

Add a waterfall to your landscape or near the entrance to your house to help money flow to you.

It’s important that water always appears to flow toward a door, and that there is a window or door where the water and flowing chi can enter the house. Use fountains in your landscape or small indoor fountains to help add extra prosperity energy to your life.

Be sure to keep the proportions of your fountain correctly sized to your home. A fountain that is too large can create health and money problems, just as a fountain that’s too small can be ineffective.

Make sure that water sounds smooth, tranquil, and flowing and isn’t too loud. It would be better to opt for a slower fountain or waterfall flow that one that is too fast or too loud. Also, avoid disappearing fountains — they make your money disappear.



Sound clears and attracts energy.

The ringing of a bell instantly calls us to pay attention. This is one reason why bells are so frequently used in shops and places of business.

The sweet tinkling sounds add wonderful chi and bring enhanced attraction energy that summons wealth, opportunity and clears stale or stagnant chi. Use bells that have a clear and distinct ring to them and that don’t sound muffled or have a buzz as this indicates inferior quality.

Windchimes also work this way by tinkling in the wind, and their hollow tubes help to draw energy toward the door. Put windchimes to work in metal corners such as the west or northwest and in the north to augur new income, business, and career opportunities.

Singing bowls are another wonderful metal element that create clearing and purifying sound waves in your home.

How to use

When there are arguments in the home, ring a bell or use a singing bowl to clear energy. Do the same for periods of sickness. If opportunities are slow and income is dwindling, ring a bell or use a singing bowl in a circle around the door to activate it for new opportunities to come to your life.

If a room has been unused for a while, ring a bell to clear out old energy. The same can be done for articles of unknown provenance by ringing a bell over them to clear stuck or negative energies attached to items.



Movement activates and energizes.

One of the frequently overlooked areas of feng shui is the subject of movement. In fact, it was movement that helped start my career in feng shui. If your home is still all day long, it could suffer from lack of energy and over time become yin. Just like our bodies that are meant to move, a house is not a tomb, and it, too, should have movement because this represents life — or chi.

From simple things like a pendulum clock to a ceiling fan or even having pets, all these things can add movement to your home. It’s essential because something that’s still all the time can become dead. That’s what happened to me when I was trying to sell my house for months with no showings or offers.

I looked at my house and saw that it was still….dead still.

It was then that I decided to try adding some movement. My choice? I opted for a pendulum clock in the center of the house to mimic a heartbeat. Well, that worked. In four days we had an offer — and I launched my feng shui career.

How to use

Add a fan, a pendulum or anniversary clock, or a kinetic sculpture to your home to keep your home feeling energized and activated. This is especially important for homes that are vacant and need to sell. If your energy is waning, add a mobile or something that moves to your home to help energize it, and generate chi.


Double your chi with mirrors to reflect beautiful views


Mirrors activate and double beneficial energy.

Mirrors are a terrific way to boost the chi in your home. Used opposite windows with beautiful views, they draw those views indoor. Mirrors can also be used to add light and create an open feeling in your home that feels more expansive.

Adding them near a front door (but never opposite the front door), a mirror can help activate the front of the house where opportunity and income come through the door. Mirrors can be added where there is a missing corner to symbolically add the corner. Mirrors can also be used to reflect poison arrows away from your home or make columns disappear.

How to use

Always use mirrors to reflect a beautiful view, which doubles the sheng chi — or beautiful energy — in your home. Mirrors are excellent activators in the dining room as a show of wealth and abundance, and to brighten dark hallways or corners. Let your mirrors reflect water for wealth, trees, and nature for growth and health, and mountains or hills for excellent relationship energy.



Open space allows chi to grow and build.

Although not technically something people think of as an essential feng shui enhancer, open space is valuable in and of itself.

When your home has open space, it means that you have room to grow and that your life can move upwards and onwards. When space is filled to capacity, there is little way to see growth in your life.

While most feng shui experts talk about clutter, it’s actually open space that is the other side of the clutter coin.

When you have room in your house, you’ll have room for growth in your life.

Chi will be able to move and flow freely — bringing health, relationship and income, and opportunity benefits.

How to use

An open, bright and clutter-free entryway will help you bring opportunities to your life. In the living room, pulling furniture away from the walls and allowing energy to flow and build. This is the point of having open space in your home. It’s simply so that chi can magnify and grow, bringing you growth and upward movement in your life.

At work, be sure to pull your work desk away from a wall so that energy can flow bringing you career opportunities, improved business, and more clients and income. Clear out cabinets, closets, and drawers to open up your life for new items.


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