The East Corner of Health, Growth and Family

The East Corner of Health, Growth and Family

by Kathryn Weber

There’s a saying that if you’re not growing, you’re dying. There’s some truth to that. In order to feel like our life is progressing, we have to have growth. The east is the corner associated with growth and moving ahead in life. It’s symbolized by the element wood and the number 3. This is also known as the place of the dragon, and as such, the east corner is full of life and great vitality.

The east is the location that marks the rising of the sun, and without the sun, we would have no life and no growth.

The east was a favored direction of Mao Tse-tung, and it was rumored that he took his bed everywhere he went and always slept with his head pointing east to protect his rule and add to his vigor and longevity.

You can use the east corner to improve growth in your life, boosting your health and for seeing your family grow and prosper.

Because the family and the son are both governed by this corner, it’s important make sure the east corner of your home is protected and that it is enhanced with the addition of water-related elements, which feeds the wood element of the east corner. To harmonize this sector, simply add large wooden furniture to this corner or use brown colors to enhance.

Here are more important tips and details about the east corner that could help you create new growth opportunities in your life, increase your health and vitality, and provide a healthy and happy corner that encourages family relationships.

Springtime is the time of year for the east.

The east relates to growth, so it’s only natural that it’s time of year is the springtime as new grass and plants shoot up from the ground. This is when chi is in its growing, most potent, stage. It’s always helpful to keep a few real plants in your house to provide a healthy energy in your home no matter what time of year it is. Plants are good for indoor air and help activate your home for health.

The dragon promotes health, growth and vigorous energy.

Dragons are the favored animals in feng shui and in Asia. The dragon represents the pinnacle of good fortune, power, and health. Having an image of a dragon in the east corner of your home, living room, and garden are excellent ways to foster growth and energy in your home and life. Do make sure that dragons are not placed in a bedroom because they’re too energetic and may keep you from sleeping well.

Add fountains in the east for growth.

Because of the east’s wood element, it’s naturally a good idea to add water. Just as plants need water, the east corner of your home is the perfect location for water in the form of a fountain or an aquarium. These will help stimulate your home and life for new opportunities and a feeling of strength and progress in your life.

Trees add vitality, growth and support to your home.

When you’re having health problems or feeling like life has you stuck in neutral, adding big wood to your home in the form of a newly planted tree is a great way to add some jumper cables to your personal growth. It’s important though that trees are maintained. When there are dead trees or trees stumps left in the ground this can cause a backslide in your life, finances and health.

For homes that have their back yard sloping away, trees can add valuable support. By planting a row of five trees across the back of the house to grow tall, you’ll be adding good support in your life so that things don’t slip away, such as loss of money, reputation, relationships, or inability to grow and develop in your life.

Auspicious trees include the pine tree, which symbolizes strength over adversity and longevity, fruit trees such as orange, mandarin, peach or apple are also very auspicious and bring rewards and good fortune.

Watch imposing trees.

These kinds of trees can create problems in the form of a poison arrow which can aim harmful energy toward your home. Make sure that any trees that are planted in your yard are not in direct line with a door as these can cause harm. If there is a tree opposite your front door, this can block opportunities, create bad luck, prevent fertility and myriad other problems. Handle these easily by either removing the tree, or by adding lights on the ground that shine up at the tree to help counter its negativity.

The east is symbolized by the wood element and the color brown.

Wood elements are a part of almost every home, from wooden furniture to wooden floors. However, an excess of wood can sometimes cause anger issues or, for women, a problem with low energy and depression.

Make sure to balance any excess wood with bright lighting and red colors to help control any excessive wood energy. Add fire, metal and earth elements to balance out wood that is oppressive. A good example of this would be a log cabin home that is made of wood and has an interior with wood floors, walls, etc.

The east corner relates to the number 3.

This number signifies male, yang energy. It’s the number associated with growth, and the reason why you see 3-tie Chinese coins — to grow your money! There are many aspects to the number three, including the “three friends” trees, comprised of the pine, bamboo and plum tree, a planting of which is extremely auspicious.

To give your life a quick jump start, adding a plant arrangement of three plants in the east corner of your home, garden or living room will help promote healthy growth, happiness and success.

East sector warnings.

Although this is generally regarded as a favorable direction and element, it’s not without its concerns. Excess wood, as mentioned above, can create anger issues in men and depression in women. Women can suffer from a lack of energy and low motivation, like walking in molasses. Plants or images of plants or flowers should be avoided in the bedroom. Too much wood element color and pattern or wood itself can be depleting to relationships, so make sure to avoid having plants in the bedroom.

Tree boundaries.

If trees touch the house you live in, they can draw energy away from the house, so be sure and keep all trees and shrubs from touching your house. Watch too for trees that are lined up with doors and try to remove them if possible. Lastly, look to see that trees are balanced on either side of your home. If there are trees only on one side of your home, it can represent an imbalance of your relationship. It’s always better to have trees on the right side of the house (as you look at the house from the street) versus the left (as you look at it from the street) as this can create angry or tense relationships or difficulties that spring out of nowhere.

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