The Feng Shui North Corner of Longevity, Opportunity, and Income

The Feng Shui North Corner of Longevity, Opportunity, and Income

by Kathryn Weber

When stable financial income and opportunity are present, it helps you build a life for yourself. This kind of energy is related to a successful and well-balanced north corner. In feng shui, the north is the corner that is associated with longevity, career advancement and business opportunity. It’s also the corner that represents earned income, such as your salary.

While many feng shui devotees like to focus on the wealth corner to make money, the southeast wealth corner is really your best bet if you earn your money through investments in stocks or if you’d like to see your savings increase and amass more assets.

But if having a thriving career that presents itself with opportunity and a chance to grow your position or your business – and the money that goes with it appeals to you – then ensuring you have a thriving north corner is essential.

However, the north corner isn’t just about money. There are some other important aspects to understanding the north corner that you should also know.

The tortoise is the animal associated with the north.

Tortoises are land creatures, but they always know how to find water. The tortoise is more than just a symbol of water though. It’s a symbol of longevity and support. Long-lived creatures, tortoises can live 80-100 years, and some suspect in the right condition, they can live up to 200 years. This gives this creature the quality of longevity.

The north corner tortoise represents support in your life.

The tortoise that symbolizes the north represents a large hill of support in environmental, or form, feng shui, that ideally is at the rear of every home. Having support is essential to having a successful and prosperous life and business. It’s also essential to have support in life outside of your career. That’s why activating support energy of the north is so important.

One way you do that is by having your bed against a solid wall where you can see the door easily in your bedroom. Another is by having a solid wall behind you while you work. These walls represent tortoise support and are essential to helping you feel grounded and like you are in command of your life.

When you don’t have that type of support, life feels like it’s not on a solid footing and that unpleasant and unexpected things happen to you that you can’t foresee and that you don’t want. This is because the tortoise, while an auspicious symbol and ushers in good fortune, more importantly, gives you protection from bad luck.

North represents longevity.

In the north corner, the tortoise is the animal that represents longevity and ability to find water. Having a figure of a tortoise is considered auspicious for good health and as a symbol of protection and wealth. If your health has been waning or isn’t at peak state, be sure to add a tortoise figure to your home.

One caution is to avoid displaying the shells of tortoises from turtles that have died. These shells are frequently shown in interior design magazines and at home decorating centers. These empty shells can bring bad luck to your home, and symbolize loss of life or income.

Activate for wealth, income, and health with water.

Whether you like aquariums, fountains, or ponds, having water in the north corner of your home is always auspicious. It can help boost your reputation at work, improve your business, bump up your salary or bring new sources of income to your life. Images of water or water symbols such as fish, turtles, or seashells bring good fortune, boost luck, and stimulates the chi and energy of the north corner.

You can also activate the water energy of the north by adding metal in this corner because metal makes water in 5 Element Theory. The wave shape is the shape of the north corner, and adding it here can help bring you good fortune in money and opportunity.

The north corner relates to the number 1.

When you need to make more money or improve your career, there is usually one path that will bring you there. This could be getting more training, more education, seeking a new job or a promotion. What is the one thing that you can do for your job or business that will help you move ahead financially?

The north is symbolized by water.

The water element represents wealth and ability to create flow in your life. Water is the element that symbolizes that flow, and the ability to earn more money, bring opportunities to you in your career or business. Hanging a picture of water in the north corner of your home can help improve your finances and career or business. Avoid having water images in the bedroom, though.

Water image warnings.

Tempting as it may be to activate the income sector with a water image, if it’s a water image that will be placed behind you at your desk or bedroom, avoid hanging it there. It’s especially important if the image is a waterfall. Do select images that don’t seem overpowering such as Niagara or Angel Falls. Also ensure that if you have any water image, that it doesn’t appear to the flowing away from you or the room it’s in.

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