The Feng Shui of Debt

By Kathryn Weber

Everyone says that money doesn’t buy happiness, and it doesn’t. It just buys everything else. Money is a type of energy that, like food, when it’s in an abundant supply, we are usually happy. When it’s not, it feels a lot like starvation and like hunger pangs, you feel the psychological and spiritual drain of a debt hanging over you. The worry, dread and fear can sometimes build up.

Here’s some ideas about the feng shui of debt and ways to help you speed up getting out of the hole and over to the plus side on the accounting sheet.

Perk up the income and money location.

The north is your income sector. Give it some feng shui attention, like buying pretty purple flowers or something that represents wealth to you to the north corner of your home, living room, and bedroom. Adding water symbols such as shells will help promote income and opportunity energy. If you follow flying stars annual and monthly, be sure to activate the 1 star wherever it flies. Avoid water or flowers in the bedroom, though.

Feng shui your wallet and purse.

Show money respect and it will respect you. Make sure your wallet looks good and is in good repair. Ensure that bills are all organized in your wallet and that none of them is upside down. Streamline credit cards to only those you use the most. Take out receipts daily. When you do get receipts, put them into a plastic envelope, so they’re neat and tidy.

Look at all your credit cards and make sure they are turned the correct way and that you place them in your wallet that way every time (otherwise, the money falls out of them. Wink). Use the change part of your wallet; avoid throwing change into the bottom of your purse.

Take the teeth out of the debt and make it visual.

Debt is a lot like a bogeyman. The fear of the lurking monster in the dark is far worse in our minds than it is in reality. Take some of the fear and bite out of debt by making a poster with thermometer like charity drives use. Start with the big number, the amount you owe, on bottom and add 0 on the top. You can make your own or find one easily online.

What’s important is to see the debt and using your hand to fill in the thermometer. This makes the debt real and visual – and that links your eyes, heart, and head together toward eliminating it, which is powerful for manifesting money to get out of debt. Use a red color to energize paying off your debt.

Display feng shui money symbols.

Add a fountain in the southeast corner of your home or living room to help you save money. Put a figure of Kwan Kung by your door. He’s a warrior, but he’s also a God of Wealth. Not only will he help you accumulate more money, he’ll help protect it. Add a dragon tortoise to your office or desk. This hard-working hybrid will help you with job opportunities, added income, and growth.

Set your eyes on money.

Whether it’s a picture of a pile of gold, $100 bills, or the image of a bank, keep images of money around you. Put images of money near you. Keep your television or radio turned on to money shows. The more you surround yourself with money, the more money you will attract. This can be in the form of payments, winnings, promotions, commissions, etc.

See yourself accumulate money.

Get a glass jar and throw your change in it. When it accumulates, turn it into bills. Have an extra $1 or $5 in your wallet? Throw it in. Watch as the money grows.

Soak up the money.

Going to the bank? Don’t hide behind an ATM machine, walk into your bank and talk to the teller. Look around. Your money is there with millions of other dollars. Soak in the money energy of your banking establishment and you are one of their customers regardless of whether you have $10 or a million. Walk out the bank by focusing on a feeling of wealth and abundance.

Add not subtract.

Too often we immediately start thinking of ways to cut out expenses to pay down debts, and if you have some pricey expenses (lattes, mani-pedis, cigarettes), cutting back isn’t a bad idea. However, it’s always better to find a way you can add money to your bottom line – and that you send it straight to paying down a debt.

Extra money could come from a weekend job, selling clothing or items you have around the house, driving an Uber, teaching a class or doing some small side job or service. There is always a way to come up with extra money in our gig society.

Debt is a drag.

Having debt can drag you down. Overspending or being stuck with a bill after a divorce, for example, can leave you feeling resentful. If you didn’t buy that jet ski but the divorce judge saddled you with the bill, it’s important that you try to stay emotionally neutral, and that’s true no matter what the bill or debt is about. When you get into the emotion of beating yourself up for that shopping trip or anger over a bill you don’t want, or a tax payment that feels unfair, holding onto the emotion will keep you trapped in the debt energy.

Pay more, be more free.

So, the jet ski was a real thing. A divorced woman was stuck with a $3,000 bill for the remaining payment on a jet ski when her divorce was finalized. She didn’t get the jet ski, just the bill. She was mad and she took out her resentment for having to pay for it because “it wasn’t fair,” by paying the absolute monthly minimum. Guess who ended up paying almost $5,000 for that same bill? Take the emotion out and pay as much as you possibly can until the debt is paid. She thought she was paying $3,000 for a jet ski, but she wasn’t, she was paying $3,000 for her freedom. Think about your perspective and change it if you need to.

Move the chi.

Make sure that you streamline your home. Remove excess clutter and work to open up clear floor space. This will help chi move more quickly and that means money can arrive more quickly! Pick up piles of clothes, shoes or papers from floors, under the bed, near your doors, and in your closets. Go through drawers and clean out one at a time.



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