The Importance of Protective Feng Shui

The Importance of Protective Feng Shui



Being a car owner is a wonderful thing. The joy of a country drive is lovely to experience on a beautiful summer day, but if you’re tooling along and enjoying the scenery, but miss the big red stop sign and run into someone, you’ll be glad that you have automobile insurance.

An insured car and driver are a protected car and driver.

Feng shui is something like that too. It can be used to help you attract a new love to your life, feel better in your office, be more productive, or help you grow in your career.

This is what I call fun shui.

That’s the feng shui we practice to bring things to us that we want – more love, more money, better health, more enjoyment in life.

Yet there’s another part of feng shui that’s more important and jumps to the head of the feng shui line, and prevents the things we don’t want.

This is called protective feng shui. 

Using protective feng shui also improves your man luck — the kind of luck you create in your life.

This kind of feng shui can help you from being cheated by someone, manage gossip and politicking at work, preventing relationship loss, major accidents, or illness and can help ensure you against the difficulties in life.

In my feng shui training, protective feng shui was emphasized and came ahead of fun shui. 

That’s because you can’t move ahead in life if your path is blocked by difficulties and problems.

It’s like rowing across a lake to get to a pot of gold with a hole in your boat. If you don’t fix the hole, you’ll never make it across the lake much less get to that pot of gold.

That’s why it’s so important to manage the difficult energies that come annually and monthly – because doing so helps keep you safe and protected so that you can go after the things you want like making more money, improving your love life, or meeting new people or traveling.

Let’s talk about some of the things that you can do in feng shui that help protect you.

Guardians at the door.

Whether they’re plants or fu dogs, having something flank your front door says your door is important to you and creates a symbolic notice of being attentive or alert, much like guards posted at a door. Of course, fu dogs and chi lin are classical protectors, but so are dogs, lions, or eagles or any other protective creature.

Manage poison arrows.

These are sharp corners or blocks that occur at your front door or in your bedroom. These can create blocks to your success, money or health, or create mishaps and accidents, making it important that they are addressed.

A poison arrow is when there is a pole or a tree that is directly in line with your front door, or a beam overhead. These need to be handled by moving or removing the pole or tree, or by hanging a windchime next to the door to lift that energy away from the front door.

You can get more details about poison arrows here.

The corners of walls or furniture can also point and aim negative energy toward you, as can overhead beams. Look at important places where you spend time, such as your bed, your desk, and your living room or dining room. Try to move furniture around, or create a canopy over your bed so that there are no sharp points or beams aimed at you.

Learn more about beams here.

Ensure your personal safety.

Using protective measures around your home, office, and your purse or wallet is also good feng shui. Checking doors, locks, windows, and keeping tabs on your accounts, as well as knowing the whereabouts of your wallet and purse help to protect you. Practicing security measures is always good and protective feng shui.

Avoid confronting the Grand Duke.

The Grand Duke Jupiter (GDJ) is often called the “God of the Year.” That’s because his presence is always defined by the year’s animal, such as in 2020 the animal of the year is the rat, and its location on the compass wheel. That puts the GDJ in the 15 degrees of the rat – or whatever animal the year coincides with.

Personally, the GDJ is not a scary guy but instead a benevolent helper, in my mind.

When you face the degrees of the yearly animal (see chart below), you will be offending the GDJ. If you ensure that you avoid facing that direction, and if you can, sit with your back to his direction, he can give you strength and protection.  It’s a lot like staring in the eyes of an aggressive dog, it’s best to avoid doing it so you don’t provoke it.

However, sitting with your back to the GDJ, will give you his support and protection. Otherwise, facing him could make you end up having major disagreements, troubles with superiors, losses and a steady stream of obstacles.

Here’s a chart of where the Grand Duke Jupiter is located for the next few years.


Grand Duke Jupiter Locations

YEAR 2020 2021 2022 2023 2024 2025

















352.5° – 7.5°


22.5° – 37.5°


57.5° – 67.5°


82.5° – 97.5°


112.5° – 127.5°


142.5° – 157.5°










































Observe annual and monthly feng shui.

Every year I write a forecast about what to expect for the year and each month, and it provides good insights into where there’s beneficial energy for the coming year and where the pitfalls are. Heeding that information can be instrumental in helping you to head off problems before they can even develop.

Staying attuned to the energies of the year can invite opportunities and help you to leapfrog ahead in your life. It’s the closest thing I’ve found to having a crystal ball!

By being armed with the knowledge of annual feng shui, you can be prepared and can protect your health and well-being, as well as take advantage of the opportunities that every year holds.

Every year has a mix of both negative and positive energies, but the most worrisome are the annual afflictions. What’s important to know, though, is that both the beneficial energies and the afflictions are more potent for good and for bad when they are at your front door or if they fall in the corner where your bedroom is located.

The most destructive is the 5 Yellow, known for creating severe hardships and major illness and accidents.

Then, there is the 7 Red, which can cause violence and theft, the 2 Black, which creates problems and annoyances with money and illness, and the 3 Jade anger and legal star that can create problems with gossip, legal problems, and anger.

Lastly, there is another energy called the 3 Killings, and its influence is wide and can create a severe loss, such as loss of your reputation, marriage or relationship, a job, or loss of a family member. It moves from year to year depending on the yearly animal.

Knowing where these stars fly each year means you can be protected from their influences, which can range from a case of the sniffles to cancer, bankruptcy, temper flares, accidents, and annoyances. It’s worth putting protections in place so you can protect yourself, your job and income, your health and your family.

Your actions help create your luck — and add to your protective feng shui.

In feng shui thought, there are three parts to luck. The first is the luck you’re born with and this luck isn’t something we can change.

The second part of luck is earth luck. This is the luck you gain by using feng shui, something that could be summed up as how you arrange your surroundings and the type of environment you live in. Fortunately, this is a luck that you have quite a bit of control over.

The third part of luck involves the type of luck that you make and is called your man luck.

This luck comes from the actions you take, the type of integrity you display, your moral character, and the steps you take on your own behalf to head off problems and to be prepared for problems, such as buying auto or home insurance, getting a good education, being fiscally smart, and even doing things you may not want to do, such as writing a will and having your legal and financial affairs in order.

Man luck is something you have the most control of and which you can affect the most. In addition to your earth luck, man luck is an important way to create and enhance your protective feng shui.

This type of protective feng shui could also be called prepared luck. There’s a saying about how working hard and working smart creates the best luck. It’s a lot like going out with an umbrella, chances are it won’t rain, and if it does, you’ll stay dry because you were prepared.

Being prepared is also being protective.


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