The Precious Feng Shui Horse | Symbol of Success and Potent Activator

The Precious Feng Shui Horse | Symbol of Success and Potent Activator



Horses have long been a part of mankind’s building of civilizations. It was the horse that carried people and supplies to new lands, helped open trade routes and have been man’s constant companion in discovery, war and pleasure.

Revered for their speed, strength and beauty, horses are a symbol of wealth. From the small and sturdy horses of Tibet to the quarter horses of Kentucky and the speedy Arabian breed, horses have captivated us with their stamina and intelligence.

The feng shui horse is a favored symbol. It’s the animal most associated with prestige, position, and material abundance. Horses are also representative of strength and yang energy, enlivening any room with their presence.

Often depicted in Chinese paintings in groups of eight, the famed horses of King Mu, the horses symbolized helping the king run the country. In business, they signify capable and strong management. But there are many horses in feng shui and Chinese symbolism.

There are a variety of ways that the horse is symbolized in feng shui and Chinese lore, including the horse on swallow that represents reaching goals the most expeditiously, to Ming horses that are commonly seen in décor stores and that represent material gains.

Horses can bring about advances in any sector, but place two horses in the southwest to invigorate your love life, and use white or gold-colored horses to invigorate the metal corners of the west (children) and northwest (man/helpful people) sectors.

Do avoid adding horse figures wherever the 5 Yellow flies as their fire energy can aggravate it. Another area to avoid is adding horse images or figures in the bedroom due to their yang energy that can interrupt sleep or cause you to feel anxious.

Make sure the horses you choose don’t look sad, angry, violent or that they are kicking as this can bring bad luck to you.

Look at these other ways you can incorporate the horse symbol in your home and life.

Stuck? Add a horse symbol.

If there’s any area of your life that feels stuck and stagnant, a horse makes a powerful symbol to help energize that area of your home.

The horse symbolizes attainment.

A horse is one of the best symbols of success there is in feng shui. It is generally regarded as a symbol of rising to a highly regarded position, a symbol of good fortune and prosperity and material goods.

The horse represents fire and the flame of recognition.

As the animal associated with high noon, the height of summer, and the strength of the sun’s energy, the horse is a yang symbol and can bring potent energy to your home or wishes. Placing a horse in the south corner of your living room can help propel your name, helping to earn you approval and recognition.

Buddha’s precious treasure.

In Buddhism, there are eight auspicious objects followed by the eight precious treasures, such as the jewel, the precious Queen, and the precious horse. The horse in this light represents for loyalty and perseverance.

The victory or tribute horse brings success.

If you’ve been looking for a symbol of success to enhance your home and your standing in life, look no further than a victory or tribute horse. The tribute horse is sometimes called the victory horse and is usually white and bedecked in beautiful finery and trimming.

No matter what you call it, though, this horse represents the spoils of winning, of triumph over the competition, and is one of the best symbols for bringing you the luck of good fortune and the lifestyle that good fortune and career advancement confers.

The dragon horse aids advancement in career.

Although not technically a horse, the dragon horse is a combination of dragon and horse and is called “chi lin.” The dragon horse is especially helpful for those who wish to advance their careers, particularly those in military careers.

The wind horse helps you create windfalls and build success energy.

A wind horse is a symbol that is often seen as white, but they can be different colors. The wind horse symbolizes advancement in your career and builds your energy for career gains and improvement.

Monkey on horse helps you control your career.

For anyone who wants to hold the reigns of their career success or business growth in their own hands, a monkey on horse symbol can help you create a path of upward growth and movement.

Running horses bring energy, power, and luck.

A display of a single horse or in groups of six, eight or nine, running horses exude supremacy and can be powerful activators of fame and glory. Place these in the south corner of your home to stimulate your fame luck.

Gambling and winning luck is enhanced by fly on horse symbol.

If you like to try your hand and gambling or entering contests or taking gambles on stocks, a fly on horse symbol is a great way to promote the luck of gambling – and winning.


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