Date: 2015-07-02 20:19:18 Sadhguru answers a student’s question on reservations in education at the third Bharatiya Chhatra Sansad (Indian Student Parliament). He explains that the only way to change this is to skill India. If we do not skill India, we will kill India he says. The reservations, when theyContinue Reading

Date: 2015-08-14 20:07:32 Sadhguru gives us the unique yogic perspective on 5 minutes practice for health. By paying attention to a few simple fundamentals, you can ensure good health for yourself. #Sadhguru Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity andContinue Reading

Date: 2015-09-18 20:13:38 At Business Today’s MindRush 2013 conclave, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev says the human mechanism is the most sophisticated machine on the planet. And we ought to understand it better if we have to find bliss and live peaceful lives. About the Channel: Watch Business Today videos to getContinue Reading

Date: 2015-07-19 20:53:18 Sadhguru explains the state of samadhi, the precautions taken and the affects the consecration process can have on ones body especially pertaining to the consecration of the Dhyanalinga Yogic Temple. (AO41)Continue Reading

Date: 2015-10-04 20:59:58 Becky talks with Sadhguru, Founder of the Isha Foundation. Taped at Isha Institute of Inner-sciences near McMinnville,Tennessee. The Institute was established as infrastructure for raising human consciousness — fostering global harmony through individual transformation.Continue Reading

Date: 2015-10-02 19:55:31 Is time a game of our own creation, and have we gotten entangled in it? Sadhguru speaks about how various devices we created for our convenience – time, money, technology or comforts – can turn into burdens if we are unaware. #Sadhguru Yogi, mystic and visionary, SadhguruContinue Reading

How To Heal Shoulder Pain

This week health tip on self-healing from Qigong Master Chunyi Lin. How To Heal Shoulder Pain Do you have shoulder pain that doesn’t go away? Try this very simple self-healing technique to heal shoulder pain shown in today’s video.   To learn more about Spring Forest Qigong and for moreContinue Reading

Date: 2015-10-26 17:59:16 Sadhguru tells stories of growing up in the presence of Yoga Master and Ayurvedic Doctor “Malladihalli Swami”. (SaO18)Continue Reading

Date: 2015-06-23 21:34:26 A seeker asks why there are two polarities (negative/positive, man/woman) when God is seen as one. Sadhguru explains that because of duality the possibility of life exists, that they are not opposites but are complimentary. (AO43) Take the online program with Sadhguru http://www.innerengineering.comContinue Reading

Date: 2015-08-19 16:45:46 “The Bhairavi Yantra is for those who are actively involved with life,” Sadhguru explains, “and they want “lubrication” for their actions with the Grace of Devi.” To know more about Linga Bhairavi Yantras, write to #Sadhguru Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master withContinue Reading

Date: 2015-05-30 19:56:25 Sadhguru looks at how in the yogic system, the mind is seen as having 16 parts. He looks at four fundamental parts – the buddhi or intellect, the ahankara or identity, the manas or memory and chitta, which is pure intelligence. He explains how modern societies haveContinue Reading