Freedom from Addiction – Harnessing the Power of Obsession Updated for 2024

Updated: June 24, 2024

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Date: 2021-11-10 03:34:00

Freedom from Addiction – Harnessing the Power of Obsession, a conversation with Deepak Chopra and Karen Lorre. Please note that due to technical difficulty during the interview, some segments had to be edited and we’ll be having Karen back on soon to continue the discussion.

Karen Lorre is passionate about helping people get rid of pain, so they can live life the way they want it.

Karen studied mind-body science at the University of California, then became an actress.

Acting, it turns out, was the perfect petri dish for Karen to put that mind-body science into action. After having done over a thousand hours of Television and Film, including a long-time role as One Life to Live’s beloved Tina Lord, Karen discovered just how much power we have over our own physiologies and lives and put that knowledge into use helping thousands of people transform pain into pleasure.

Karen is also the International best-selling author of Chronic Pleasure: Use The Law of Attraction to Transmute Fatigue and Pain into Vibrant Energy, Effortless Enchantment: A Memoir of Magic, Magnetism and Miracles; and
Chronic Pleasure in Relationships: Inspire the Best in Men.

Her work has been endorsed by Deepak, Bruce Lipton, Gay Hendrix, and many more. Bruce Lipton says Karen Lorre is “an antidote to the pain of today’s world of personal and global chaos.”

Her podcast can be found at

Her books are available where all books are sold, but she makes them available as a free gift of love to the world at: