How Continuous Resistance Causes Stress and Low Quality of Life | Eckhart Tolle Updated for 2024

Updated: May 4, 2024

We recently announced the opening of registration for Kim Eng's Resist Nothing.

You might be wondering, "OK, but what do you mean when you say 'resist nothing'?"

"Resistance is having an antagonistic relationship with life," explains Eckhart Tolle. "Constant resistance is the most common state of consciousness. However, everything changes when you shift out of this state of negativity and denial. Peace, joy, aliveness, creativity, drama-free relationships—all of these and more await you when you live in alignment with the present moment."

Beginning on April 25, 2022, and featuring a session with Eckhart, the course includes:

Session One: Surrendering Resistance
Our first session presents an overview of the inner phenomenon of resistance and how it manifests in our lives.
Session Two: Restoring Physical Flow
Our second session helps us release physical tension and begin to embody Presence more fully.
Session Three: Restoring Emotional Flow
In our third session, Kim offers guidance in healing and releasing stuck emotional energy.
Session Four: Restoring Subtle-Body Flow
Our final session brings us teachings and practices for balancing and attuning life-force energy.

Resist Nothing also brings you four Q&A sessions with Kim, along with guided meditations and Presence Through Movement practices to deepen your ability to integrate all of these teachings into your daily life.

Join Kim Eng and Eckhart Tolle for a life-changing, four-part journey of exploration into the nature and experience of resistance on the physical, emotional, and energetic levels, culminating in the discovery of its antidote in the practice of spiritual surrender and allowing what is. We hope to see you in the course!

To learn more about Resist Nothing, follow the link below:

Resist Nothing with Kim Eng–Enroll Today–2022

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