Strengthen the Circulation in your Heart

Strengthen Heart Circulation – Self-Healing Updated for 2024

Updated: March 31, 2024

This week health tip on self-healing from Qigong Master Chunyi Lin.

Strengthen Heart Circulation by Opening your Heart, Lymph, and Immune Systems

This area has many energy points connecting directly to your heart and reproductive organs. Sometimes when you massage deeply here and find discomfort in a spot, you will know there is a specific energy blockage that needs attention. Massage that spot until the pain is gone.

Strengthen the Circulation in your Heart

Helps with:

  • Reproductive organs
  • Heart issues, such as blocked arteries, blood pressure problems, and recovery from a heart attack or heart surgery

How to do:

  • use the thumb on one hand to massage the area that is one the inside of the wrist of your other hand between the first and second line where the wrist bends
  • Massage gently but firmly from one side to the other
  • Repeat with the other hand
  • Then let your hands fall forward limply and rotate them in a circle either way
  • Do both hands at the same time – first one way, and then the other

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