A Solution to the Unreasonable Effectiveness of Mathematics Updated for 2024

Updated: June 12, 2024

In 1960, the year 1960, Eugene Wigner, the great physicist, published
a paper called The Unreasonable Effectiveness
of Mathematics in the Natural
Sciences. In that paper, Eugene Wigner argued that the success
of mathematics in describing
the physical world is, "unreasonable". He pointed out that the mathematical
concepts that are used in
physics are often developed
in one context, but then turned out to be applicable
to a completely different context. For example,
the calculus of variations, which was originally
developed to study problems
in mechanics is now used in many other
areas of physics, including quantum
mechanics and relativity.

Wigner also pointed out that mathematical
structures that are used in
physics often point the way to new
discoveries. For example,
the wave equation, which
is a mathematical equation that describes the propagation of waves, can be
used by physicists to predict
the existence of radio waves. And it did before
they had actually been observed
experimentally. Wigner did not offer
any explanation for the unreasonable
effectiveness of mathematics in the
natural sciences. He suggested
it may be due to the fact
that the human mind is somehow
predisposed to think mathematically.

He also speculated
that the laws of physics may be inherently
mathematical in nature. Wigner's
paper has been widely discussed
and debated by philosophers
and scientists. Some have argued
that his argument that his argument
is overstated. While
others have argued that it raises
important questions about
the relationship between mathematics and the
physical world. There have been
possible explanations
for the unreasonable effectiveness
of mathematics, with which
I all disagree. I'll tell you why: One, the human mind
is somewhat predisposed to think

Two, the laws of
physics are inherently
mathematical in nature. Three, mathematics
is a language that is used
to describe the underlying order
of the universe. Four, mathematics
is a tool that is used
to make predictions about
the physical world. And finally,
mathematics is a game that we play
with the universe. So in essence,
the true explanation for the unreasonable effectiveness
of mathematics is still unknown. Here is what I think
the solution is: Mathematics
and the universe are the appearance
of the human universe,
are entangled in both human
consciousness and cosmic
consciousness. Both math
and the appearance of the physical
universe are modified expressions
that are entangled in cosmic
consciousness, and human
consciousness has access to cosmic
consciousness. Everything,
ultimately, is modified
consciousness. So that's
a solution. Okay, You and I and our
consciousness is entangled with the cosmic

All we have to do is go back
to the source of every experience
in awareness. I hope I'll hear some
comments from you on this.
Thank you so much..

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