So today I want to share a possible meditation and an experiment that we can all do that will give us a glimpse of our true self and liberate us from not only suffering, but the illusions that scare most humans, the illusions of old age, infirmity and death. SoContinue Reading

So as we continue our journey, Peace is the Way to a more just, sustainable, healthier and joyful world, let's continue with what we can call our own peace practices, because ultimately the road to world peace and the solution to go beyond war and terrorism as a way ofContinue Reading

So, my friends, I'm in Greece at the moment and I've been doing a seminar here on the Path to Love – the 8 Limbs of yoga and the awakened life. And I had the opportunity to being interviewed two days ago by Roger Cohen, a New York Times journalist,Continue Reading

On our journey to Peace is the Way for a more sustainable, healthier, just and joyful world, we must begin with the power of intention. In previous videos I have explained that awareness manifests reality, or perceived reality, through attention and intention. Attention is a way of localizing awareness, andContinue Reading

As we continue our journey on peace is the way to a more just, sustainable, healthier and joyful world, let us examine the source of peace. Let us examine how peace is created. Let us examine fundamental reality as the source of peace in general. There are two kinds ofContinue Reading

Dear friends, we are beginning our journey together to Peace Is The Way for a more just, sustainable, healthier and joyful world. Today I am in Malmö, Sweden, talking about the nature of reality and the awakened life. Only the awakened life can ultimately create a more peaceful and just,Continue Reading

And we know how you have connected with the creative industry worldwide. And for that, we want to take the opportunity when we have you here, because our job as an academy, we honor those who have done extraordinary things, have made extraordinary contributions to the industry and to ourContinue Reading

As you know, many people struggle with the experience between physical pain and in many cases, drug addiction starts because the only management for pain is something like oxycodone or a narcotic opiate. And frequently this leads to addiction. Pain is a very complex phenomenon and is experienced differently inContinue Reading

In the last few videos, I've been talking about the different sensory organs and suggesting that the Senses project both the experience of the body and the experience of the world. Today, let me talk a little bit about the experience of taste. Human beings have taste receptors in theirContinue Reading

Do our senses provide us an experience of the real world? Because naive realism says that the world is real, the senses are taking in information and somehow converting it into sensations, images, feelings and thoughts. Of course, this is called the hard problem of consciousness, for which there isContinue Reading

In a previous video, I discussed olfactory receptors that are present in almost every tissue and organ in our body. So let's look today at light receptors. So in our skin, all over the body, there are two types of light receptors: Melanopsin cells and what are called intrinsically photosensitiveContinue Reading