Updated: May 30, 2024

This video is the third in a FREE 4-part miniseries with Eckhart Tolle that you can access here: https://bit.ly/3qlsB9l

When was the last time you experienced the wonders of the natural world? 

Even if it's just in the backyard or out on the city square, Eckhart Tolle recommends immersing ourselves in nature as often as we can. In "Connecting with Nature," he offers you a relaxing way to quiet the chattering mind and use your sense perceptions as an anchor to the present moment. 

Enjoy the third video in our four-part preview of the new online course Doorways into Presence, as Eckhart helps you overcome the "barrier of concepts" by teaching you how to:

🌥️ Take in the totality of your surroundings
🌲 Be present in nature with all of your senses
🏵️ See the extraordinary within the ordinary