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Are you critical of your appearance? In this video, Eckhart discusses the value of physical appearance, youth, and learning to identify with your presence as years go by. Old age may bring changes in your physical body, but learning to see the different kind of beauty that shines through isContinue Reading

The habit of reducing the present moment to a means to an end is something deeply engrained in our society. Are you ever present in what you're doing… or are you just doing these things in a rush in order to get to the next thing? In your mind, thisContinue Reading

Eckhart explores the concept of self-esteem and how it relates to spiritual awakening. Subscribe to find greater fulfillment in life: How to have healthy self-esteem | Eckhart Tolle Teachings Want to watch and hear more of Eckhart's Teachings? Become a member today and join our growing YouTube community! Reading

According to Eckhart, it’s not just about letting it go. Feelings need to be acknowledged and accepted in order to heal. Eckhart explains we need to become aware of the link between our feelings and thoughts. Subscribe to find greater fulfillment in life: Want to watch and hear moreContinue Reading

The conditioned mind will often create feelings out of fear, and these should not be the guiding force in your life. Eckhart urges us instead to discover the deeper feelings that arise from Presence—the source of true intuition—and to let that guide your actions. Subscribe to find greater fulfillment inContinue Reading

In this video, Eckhart taps into what inner peace really is and how actually the world can't make you happy. The world with its situations or people doesn't have the capacity of making you happy, because happiness arises from a deeper place within you, which is inseparable from the essenceContinue Reading

Eckhart walks us through a simple method to find solutions to everyday challenges. Rather than trying to compulsively think our way out of situations, he suggests a form of focused thought that accesses the nonconceptual intelligence of consciousness. From this place of awareness, we can create solutions that are notContinue Reading

Technology is neutral and can be used to clutter the mind or to encourage spaciousness. Eckhart suggests being very conscious about your use of technology and maintaining periods of time that are technology-free. Subscribe to find greater fulfillment in life: Want to watch and hear more of Eckhart's Teachings?Continue Reading

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Most people's minds are full of noise, unimportant and loud, especially when we encounter a difficult life situation. Eckhart shares how these thoughts keep us from being at peace with what is and create unhappiness in all its forms. Subscribe to find greater fulfillment in life: Want to watchContinue Reading