Updated: April 7, 2024

I posted a few photos recently on my visit to my medical school and the room I said in the hostel, etc.. So I got lots of questions about that. But one particularly interesting question from "@prasannaarun" who said "Is it good for us to experience
nostalgia? I'm a huge fan of rethinking my younger days,
But some folks feel I'm overly nostalgic.

Your thoughts?" So, yes, nostalgia is part of our experience as human beings. But I do actually focus on the past, Not so much to feel nostalgic, but to actually understand that it's over and doesn't exist, but something is not over,
and that is the witnessing awareness that looks at the past. So when I look at the past,
when I look at my childhood, I see a different body, different mind,
different emotions, different personality.

Look at my teenage years. I see something totally different. And then my young adult years, mature adult years,
and then this. It's very obvious that I don't have as a body mind, a fixed identity that's very frightening to some people. On the other hand,
there is an identity that doesn't change. Is that which is witnessing the childhood, that which is witnessing the teenage years, that which is witnessing
the body mind going through transformation all the way from fertilized egg
to zygote to embryo to baby to toddler to teenager, young adult, mature adult, older human,
all the way to dusty death. What is it that doesn't change? That witnessing awareness
and that awareness is not in time.

That identity is a ticket to liberation. So I hope this answer helps. Take care..

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