Deepak Chopra accepts Lifetime Achievement Award from the Irish Film & Television Academy (IFTA) Updated for 2024

Updated: June 23, 2024

And we know how
you have connected with the creative industry worldwide. And for that, we want to take
the opportunity when we have
you here, because our job
as an academy, we honor those
who have done extraordinary
things, have made extraordinary
contributions to the industry and
to our community. And that includes
worldwide. And so I want to
invite somebody that we consider
to be our foremost film maker
here in our Ireland to show you that respect that we have
for you and to do the honors
of presenting you with the
Irish Academy Award for your lifetime
contribution to our Please welcome
Jim Sheridan! [cheers] Just let me share
with you that Jim Sheridan
is one of my heroes.

And I met
you many years ago. Do you remember? We met many
years ago.. Yeah. Thank you. [audience
laughs] I think we met on a boat? Yes, we did. Going out, watching whales. Alaska. Alaska, Maine. And I'll never
forget it. And so.. yet, I don't know
if I'm Ireland's foremost film maker. You are Sir! And I have a make on Neil Jordan. John Carney
will be here. Lenny Abrahamson. And they're not
very good. But you are
an integral part and so gentle and
your spirit just… radiates..

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