Dharana Focused Awareness, Magical Lies and Miracles Updated for 2024

Updated: February 28, 2024

Date: 2021-01-12 08:18:21

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Deshabandha cittasya dharana Fixing or binding the citta to a particular place is dharana.

Yoga Yajnavalkya: Pratyahara is the focusing of prana at the vital energy points of the body. Dharana is the fixing of prana in subtle regions.

The five dharanas are on the five elements, five devas, five bija mantras, or with pranayama and recitation of Omkara.

Brahma, earth, lam
Vishnu, water, van
Rudra, fire, ram
Ishvara, air, vam
Sadashiva, space, ham

Dharana on the elements removes the defects of the doshas.

Tirumandiram: Dharana is the involution of awareness from the five sense organs, five elements, cognitive feature of the mind into the tanmatras, and tanmatras into pure Being consciousness.