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Brahma Sutras and related scripts. I'm taking a few Sutras and combining them. So skip the Sanskrit. And let's continue today's sutra. The ruler within is invisible, cannot be perceived but makes perception possible through perception and cognition. The universe recycles through us and also evolves. OK. The ruler within is invisible cannot be perceived. You cannot perceive yourself your true self. You can't even conceive your true self. But it is the agent through which all perception and all motor activity also is possible, cannot be seen but makes all scenery possible, cannot be perceived but makes all perception possible, cannot cannot be understood except through understanding its manifestations.

OK. Let's try an experiment. OK. Smell your own skin smell any other object. And if you're walking in the street, smell, whatever is coming into nostrils as air, but the act is smelling and the act of smelling the inhalation, of course, there's air but there are particles in the air. That's where the smell comes from. The particles are recycled from other beings, from objects and essentially are the earth recycling through you. If you're walking on the street and somebody is smoking in the, you know, a block away, then you're inhaling the particles from his lungs, but also the metabolic end products that are contained in that exhalation. So, if somebody has an explosion of intestinal gas, otherwise crudely referred to as an F-A-R-T, then you're inhaling fecal matter from the person who had the intestinal explosion. Bottom line in every inhalation with every breath you breathe, you breathe in 10 to the power of 22 atoms that come from everywhere.

In just the last three weeks, you have inhaled many particles that once existed atoms in the body of every other species on this earth on this planet. So think of Jesus Christ, think of a frog, think of a tree, think of a squirrel, think of Jesus Christ or any living or nonliving thing. Particles and atoms have gone through your body that were there just three weeks ago. And in less than one year, you have recycled 98 percent of the atoms in your body and they come from all other bodies. So in the act of smelling, you are actually entangled with the body of everybody and everything.

And now turn this act of perception into another act of perception. So taste water or taste any other drink, of course, it has particles, but the water itself is the recycling of the ocean and the rivers and the glaciers. And then just in the act of tasting and drinking liquid, you are recycling your circulation with the circulation of the planet. Everything rivers and puddles and streams and clouds and rainbows and other people's secretions and excretions that have entered the earth and you know, act as fertilizer and ultimately end up in food and drink.

So every act of tasting allows you to connect with the oceans and the rivers and the waterfalls and the rainbows now touch something or feel the sensations in your body. Touch is a very subtle sensation. And in that just in that experience of touch, you actually are also experiencing the entanglement of sensation, which makes existence possible. OK. So we've gone through smelling, tasting, touching. what do we go for now? And well, just the act of hearing as you listen to sound, you are actually in entanglement with all the vibrations that we interpret as sound in consciousness.

So now you're getting a little bit closer to what we call fundamental reality. But so far everything, every perception which is smelling, tasting, touching, hearing has given you an experience literally of earth, water, air and vibration recycling through you finally put your awareness just in space and in this space, you are entangled with the entire universe recycling as stars, Galaxies, nebula, sun, moon sky. Because this space, the infinite space and the planets and the Galaxies and the stars of the sky are the same thing appearing in different form. But when you put your awareness in space, you're also getting in touch with your formless self, the invisible self, the Brahman that makes all things visible and perceivable.

In short, every perception is actually the recycling of the entire universe and this planet through you. However, think of this, this recycling is interpreted through the conditioned mind, through your own personal history, Karma, memory desires, imagination, thoughts, feelings, and so not to sentient beings, not to humans, but no two sentient beings experience exactly the same universe because they're perceiving and interpreting through the conditioned mind, especially humans. And so the other day, I was walking through the streets of New York and looking at people and each of them is a universe unto themselves because you are uniquely your own universe. Even though with leaky margins, you actually understand the commonality. And there are certain aspects of perception and cognition that we all agree on, but we still don't know how we interact with what we perceive and how it's different from other people's perception or cognition. So each sentient being is a moving universe and a different universe, a parallel universe. I was looking up today. you know, information on what do you call the multiverse.

And let me you know, I made some notes and here is what the multiverse is described to as of today. And let's see if I can find my notes doesn't matter in a multiverse is a new interpretation we might say of in quantum physics which says that each branch of the wave function splits off into a different universe. It's a theoretical concept and one of the interpretations of quantum physics. But the real multiverse is right around you Every sentient being a walking universe and parallel with your universe with leaky margins. So you can at least can have a decent communication with other universes. So how profound, how crazy is this? OK. That each of us is a walking universe and we are already in a multiverse. But this is a different kind of multiverse because my multiverse or my universe can actually connect with your universe through the leaky margins of consciousness. So what many spiritual traditions or Eastern spiritual traditions called lokas, lokas are locations in space time. That's a construct.

OK. Lokas, are a construct. But in reality, every experience is processed in awareness, every experience is processed in awareness. So and that awareness is non local. The formless awareness looking at my notes is called Rishi. The Seer, formless being the activity in the formless awareness, imaging feeling, thinking perceiving through the five senses that's called daivikaḥ daivikaḥ means divine. So every act of perception is divine because it manifests as the universe. And then what is manifested is frequently referred to as the objectified and rarified appearance of a material world. How miraculous is that and how awesome awesome is that? If you're not filled with wonder at existence, then life is wasted. Once that wonder is awakened, kindled, then there is deep humility, a sense of connection to not just the universe but multiverses. And out of that also is born empathy, compassion, joy, equanimity, and most importantly, love, not as a mere sentiment, but as the ultimate truth at the heart of creation, a simple and yet very profound, the invisible that makes the visible possible, the imperceivable that makes perception possible and through that the experience and the knowing of not only the universe but multiverses possible.

I hope this is not too crazy for you..

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