Is the Quantum Field Conscious? Updated for 2024

Updated: June 15, 2024

If you ask mainstream quantum physicists whether the quantum
field, the vacuum, as some people
call it, is conscious (and I've asked
many physicists this,
academic physicists) and the answer is a very dismissive and emphatic "no". However, if you ask the same physicists whether the quantum field
is self-regulating and self-organizing, then you will get different answers. So one answer
that you might get is that the quantum
field is governed by the laws of
quantum mechanics, which
some people think are deterministic. That means that
in principle, if you know
the exact state of the quantum field at any given time,
we could predict it's state
at any future time. This would seem to rule out
the probability of self-regulation
and self-organization, as these
would require the quantum field to be able
to make choices about its own state. So that's clear. On the other hand,
some physicists will say
the quantum field is also subject to quantum
fluctuations, and these are random

I don't like
the word, "random". I would say,
"unpredictable". Random is inherently
random. Unpredictable is
you don't know what's going on. As a metaphor, think
of an ant colony. Each ant
is moving randomly. But if you look
at the whole colony, it's very organized. So in any case, some physicists
believe that random changes
in the state of the quantum field cannot be predicted, and quantum
fluctuations have a significant impact
on the behavior of the quantum
field. And they could potentially play
a role in self-regulation or self-organization.

There is some
evidence that the quantum fluctuations
may play a role in
self-organization. For example,
it has been shown that quantum
fluctuations can help stabilize
certain types of self-organizing
systems. However,
it is not clear whether quantum
fluctuations are necessary for self-organization or
whether they can play a role
in supporting this. My belief is
they're entangled. There's
no cause effect. So here
are some additional thoughts on
this issue. The quantum field is a vast
and complex system, and it is possible that it contains self-regulating and self-organizing
mechanisms that also that we do not fully
understand yet. I think
it's entanglement. Just so you know,
my opinion. Number two,
the quantum field is constantly evolving and it is possible that self-regulation
and self-organization are emergent
properties that arise
from this evolution. I think it's the
other way around. The evolution of consciousness
organizes the correlates of
the quantum field, and finally, the quantum field
is connected to all other aspects
of reality.

And it is possible that self-regulation and self-organization
are manifestations of interconnectedness or inseparability. So here we are. If it is
self-organizing and self-regulating,
then it shows the attributes
of consciousness. I am the field and I am the
knower of the field. I AM is the knower
of the field and the
self-organization and self-regulation
of the field are the attributes of the knower in the field. I hope
that makes sense..

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