Peace is the Way – Exercises to create Presence Updated for 2024

Updated: May 14, 2024

So as we continue
our journey, Peace is the Way to a more just, sustainable,
healthier and joyful world, let's continue with what
we can call our own peace
practices, because ultimately
the road to world peace
and the solution to go beyond war
and terrorism as a way of solving
problems is within you. You are the future
of peace. So let's begin by understanding that
the past is over. It is nothing
more than a memory. Even though
when we cling on to those memories,
we experience trauma and inflammation, the future in reality
is a field of infinite

But that field of
infinite possibilities
can only be tapped in this
present moment. When we dwell
on the past or worry
about the future, we are taking
ourselves out of the present
moment, and this can lead
to feelings of stress, anxiety, unhappiness. So how do we
realize the benefits of living in "the
now"? When we are present
in the moment, we are more likely
to experience joy, peace and love. We are also more likely
to be productive and successful. So lots of things that you can do to stay in
the present moment. One simple thing
you can do is be aware
of your breath. Focus
on your breath. When you are feeling stressed or anxious, take a few deep
breaths and focus on just the sensation
of breath.

Another thing is to pay attention
to your senses. What do you see,
here, smell,
taste and feel? Focusing
on your sensory experience
can help you to become more grounded in the
present moment. I also suggest mindfulness
as a very practical way to be present
metacognition. Be aware of
the present moment, the experience in the present moment
as it's happening without judgment. Observe yourself
without judgment. As Krishnamurti
said, "The highest intelligence
is to be aware of your own self, to observe yourself
without judgment". So meditation,
yoga, tai chi all help. Here is
my conclusion: The past and future
are illusions.

they can affect us by clinging on
to that, they can affect us in the present
moment biologically. And there are many
benefits of being present. The present moment
is all we have. By living
in the now, we can experience
the fullness and richness of life and wherever we go,
if we carry the presence
of peace within us all beings around us
cease to feel hostility. Let us continue
our journey with more insights on how Peace is the Way to a more
just, sustainable, healthier
and joyful world.

Thank you. Let me
know your thoughts..

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